A love letter to myself, as long as you are happy, those who love you will be happy because of you

This is a love letter to myself. In this silent night, when the lights of thousands of houses are gradually extinguished, I sit under the starlight and write a A love letter to yourself.

When I lift the pen Thousands of emotions gather at the end of the pen, and my heart is also full of infinite tenderness in this silent night.

Walk a lot I have experienced many things in my days, I have been entangled between loving and being loved, and I have been repeatedly moved between loving and being loved. Now, when everything is calm, I suddenly feel that it is time to calm down and love myself well.

The autumn wind is coming, Fallen leaves are falling, many past events and many people have gradually gone away, but they still accompany me, and only my shadow and my heart that has been unswervingly guarding me are still there.

I want to write a Send a love letter to myself. This is the only time in my life that I wrote down my love for myself. I want to tell myself that the only person in this world who loves you, and the only person who can accompany you to the end of your life is yourself . Therefore, you must treat yourself well, and you must guard your heart and your soul that has no distracting thoughts.

The triviality of the years, let the passion of love gradually subside, and let the flame of life a little bit cool down. You seem to have gone from spring to autumn, and you seem to have changed the background color from emerald green to golden yellow. No need to think about how many setbacks and tribulations you have experienced along the way, the road you have traveled has been passed after all.

Whatever your face No matter how many wrinkles appear on your face, no matter how your body shape has changed, and no matter whether the person who loves you still loves you as before, you must love life as before, and you must treat every day in the future as a An important day has come. You have to be happy, and you have to do what you like with your heart. Regardless of cloudy or sunny days, you have to be your own sunshine, and you have to make your hut bloom like spring all year round.

No one can Stay by your side all the time, shelter you from wind and rain, and live and die with you, so you must live seriously and healthy. You must give up some glory, give up some vanity, and must return the days to come to peace. Only in this way can you have more time and a more peaceful heart to love yourself.

Loving yourself is a This ability is the ability to be willing to abandon luxury and impetuousness. When your heart can talk to nature without reservation, your eyes are clear. At this time, mountains and rivers can hear your voice, and rivers can also hear your voice; at this time, your heart is very empty, but your heart already has the vastness of mountains, rivers and rivers; at this time, your heart is very quiet, but You already have the power of galloping horses in your heart.

I hope you are a strong dancer, no matter night or day, no matter spring summer or autumn winter , you can dance alone in your own world. If you don’t cry, the world will be sunny, if you don’t cry, the world will be bright. You are your own angel, and all the smiles you give will turn into warm sunshine pouring down on you.

This is what I wrote A love letter to myself, in this quiet night, when the world is so quiet that only I am left, I want to tell myself softly that no matter what difficulties and hardships I encounter, I must love myself well. If one day, there is a little haze in my life. I would pull out the letter and read it to myself. I will also tell myself that all happiness comes from the bottom of my heart, and there will never be any hurdles in life that cannot be overcome.

Nobody like You will never be separated from your own heart, so you must be happy, you must be happy, and you must accept everything that fate gives you with a smile.

As long as you are good, the people around you will be good, as long as you are happy, those who love you will be happy because of you.