“A good hand” against stretch marks – SCR stretch mark repair

Good skin, but covered with cracked stretch marks, is like a piece of beautiful jade covered with cracks, everyone will feel pity and uncomfortable. In fact, not only stretch marks, but also growth lines and obesity lines are the same problem – swelling lines, which can also be called shrinking lines.

Stretch marks are a common skin problem, and it is also a very difficult skin problem. Fortunately, our current “SCR Stretch Mark Repair” is a treatment for improving pregnancy. The texture is very ideal and excellent.

Everyone is curious about the new technology of “SCR Stretch Mark Repair” by Xiu Zhifu. Let me tell you in detail below.

Learn more about stretch marks first:

We all know the formation of stretch marks. The main reason is that the skin is stretched too much, and collagen fibers, elastic fibers, etc. can’t bear it and deform and break, resulting in thinning of the skin. Among them, the broken collagen fibers and damaged tissues are self-absorbed and pitted cracks appear.

▼Positions where stretch marks are prone to appear on the body

In order to repair the early tissue itself, it will grow into a large number of blood vessels and turn red, and some new collagen will be produced at the same time, but these are not enough to fill the depression, and its characteristics and structure have Different from normal collagen and elastic fibers, after the stabilization of stretch marks in the later stage, most of them become white cracks, which are essentially scars.

▼Stretch marks in different periods

About “SCR Stretch Mark Repair”:

SCR, is the abbreviation of Seed Cell Regeneration, which translates as “seed cell regeneration and repair”, which is the core of this stretch mark repair: we Xiu Zhifu use “precise electromagnetic wave” technology to Eliminate and improve the old pathological tissue and structure of stretch marks, activate the regeneration and repair mechanism of seed cells in the dermis, promote the formation of new and healthy skin tissue, and then improve stretch marks and growth marks of different colors and degrees.

▼Stretch mark treatment in progress

“Precision electromagnetic wave” technology is a very comprehensive treatment technology. Experiments have shown that electromagnetic waves include a wide range of light, X-rays, gamma rays, radio frequency, etc. The difference is only in frequency or wavelength.

▼Electromagnetic waves

Among them, different bands of electromagnetic waves can solve different skin problems; our Xiuzhifu “SCR stretch mark repair surgery” According to the different symptoms of stretch marks, we accurately select different The electromagnetic wave of the waveband is used for targeted treatment, and then comprehensively repairs and improves the shape of stretch marks, so that the damaged skin can be closer to the normal skin condition.

▼Treatment of stretch marks improves

How does “SCR Stretch Mark Repair” improve stretch marks?

In simple terms, it is mainly divided into two steps:

The first step, get rid of the old – eliminate the old organizational structure!

After stretch marks appear, the skin will repair itself, but at the same time there will be different problems, such as vascular hyperplasia, pigmentation, tissue loss, and the newly generated horizontal collagen bundles are thin, thin, and elastic Low and lack of continuity.

▼Stretch marks close-up

▼Pathological manifestations of stretch marks

The “precise electromagnetic waves” of different wavelengths can be efficiently absorbed by oxyhemoglobin and melanin in blood vessels, thereby coagulating and closing capillaries, breaking melanin to accelerate its metabolism, which can improve pregnancy The problem of striae color; for abnormal fiber bundle structure, it can be eliminated by electromagnetic waves of specific wavelengths, providing a healthy skin microenvironment to prepare for the next repair.

▼Peak Oxyhemoglobin Absorption Wavelength

▼Red stretch marks treatment improved

Step 2, Orientation – Freshmen Organization and Structure!

The dermis contains fibroblasts and some undifferentiated seed cells from which our collagen and elastin are produced.

Our Xiuzhifu “SCR Stretch Mark Repair” can stimulate the activity of fibroblasts through specific and precise electromagnetic waves, and can transform these seed cells into mature Fibroblasts and other tissue cells, which produce large amounts of collagen and elastin that conform to the shape and arrangement of normal skin tissue:

This not only increases the elasticity of the skin and promotes the skin to retract, but also fills the sunken cracks, so that the cross-section of the stretch marks matches, and the stretch marks become narrower, flatter and lighter. closer to normal skin tissue.

To sum up, our SCR Stretch Mark Repair can well achieve “color fade,< strong>CracksStretch fit, skin firm and elastic” effect.

And SCR Stretch Mark Repair is a breakthrough in itself:

①In terms of experience, there is basically no discomfort during the treatment, because the treatment is relatively mild, even the treatment of serious stretch marks is only a small skin lesion, so The whole treatment process is relatively easy and comfortable.

②In terms of treatment, it can break down and comprehensively improve stretch marks of different types and degrees, and improve the existence of stretch marks from the root. problem to improve.

③In terms of effect, our Xiuzhifu “SCR stretch mark repair surgery” uses precise electromagnetic waves to target and activate the skin seed cell regeneration mechanism, which can make the skin cross-section match, and you can feel the skin at the moment Tighten, as the new tissue grows and repairs in the later stage, you can see that the stretch marks continue to narrow, become lighter, and become less obvious.

▼Immediately after treatment

Therefore, once stretch marks and fat lines appear, don’t be disheartened. Although the current medical technology cannot completely eradicate stretch marks, and the bigger and deeper the crack is, the more difficult it is to treat. However, through the targeted treatment of our Xiuzhifu SCR Stretch Mark Repair Surgery system, the presence of stretch marks, obesity lines and other atrophic stretch marks has been well weakened; Make stretch marks skin closer to normal skin.