A few tricks for sugar friends to not worry about going out to eat blood sugar will soar?

The arrival of diabetes just wants to tell us that bad living habits need to be changed, especially in terms of diet. Such eating habits, such as: overeating, like drinking beverages, like fried foods, eating irregularly, eating whenever you want, etc.

Therefore, after being diagnosed with diabetes, some diabetics worry about their diet the most. Especially when eating out, it is more difficult to control blood sugar. Today, Tangtang will share with you a few tips on diet~

01The number of meat and vegetarian dishes is equivalent

The number of vegetarian dishes in a table should preferably not be less than the number of meat dishes. Soy products can be used instead of meat dishes, and dark-colored vegetables are used as Good, at least one plate of leafy greens.

For meat dishes, try to choose fish or lean meat, and choose less or no high-fat foods such as pig brain, fat intestines, and fat meat. All kinds of dishes should be based on the principle of “steaming but not stewing, and stewing but not frying”.

If you encounter a dish with a lot of oil and salt, you can dip it in vinegar and eat it, or rinse it with boiling water before eating.

0 2Choose whole grains as staple food

Because all kinds of pasta in the restaurant are easy to add oil, sugar and other auxiliary materials, it is recommended to choose the staple food of coarse grains.

Coarse grains are rich in dietary fiber, which can delay the absorption of glucose and have a strong sense of satiety, such as wowatou, buckwheat grilled cake, steamed corn, multi-grain rice, sweet potato, yam, etc.

03< strong data-brushtype="text" hm_fix="314:315">Reject beverages and drink moderate amounts of alcohol

Beverages not only raise blood sugar, but a study found that 1 can of sugary soft drinks , will increase the risk of gout in women by 70%; drinking more than two cans will increase the risk of gout by more than 2.4 times.

When you go out, it is best to choose plain water, and you can also choose green tea (sugar-free), black tea (sugar-free), buckwheat tea, soy milk, milk and other healthy drinks. If not, drink some sugar-free beverages in moderation.

Drinking is not recommended for sugar friends. If you want to drink alcohol should be included in the range of staple food. For example, 100mL of red wine is equivalent to 25g (half two) of the energy of the staple food, so the amount of the staple food should be reduced accordingly when drinking.

Women should drink no more than 15 grams of alcohol per day and men should not exceed 25 grams (15 grams of alcohol is equivalent to 450ml of beer, 150ml of wine or 50ml of low-alcohol liquor). No more than 2 times a week.


The most difficult thing to control when eating out is the amount. Everyone chats and eats together, and if you are not careful, you will eat too much, which can easily lead to blood sugar fluctuations.

In order to prevent overeating, sugar lovers can put various foods on a plate first and then taste slowly according to their usual meal size (this can better control the intake of food) ). There are as many types of food as possible, so that you can have a full meal without overeating.

05< strong data-brushtype="text" hm_fix="305:325">Eat vegetables before eating

The order of eating is also very important for sugar control. Serve cold dishes first, you can order some cold vegetables first, so that sugar friends can eat vegetables first, and then eat meat and staple food, which can play the role of fiber wrapping and better prevent blood sugar from rising after meals.

06 Details are important

The details of a meal are important, like eating slower , to increase the number of chewing, should not gobble.

At the same time, sugar lovers should pay attention to eat more leafy and stem vegetables and less root vegetables; skim off the oil on the soup surface when drinking soup; eat chicken and duck meat should remove chicken and duck skin and oil. Eating barbed fish is better than eating fish nuggets, slowing down meals and increasing satiety.

summary of this article:

Don’t overeat when eating out. Even if it is delicious, you should be vigilant and not let yourself eat too much. The solution is to “eat less and taste more”.

Try to eat more vegetables, beans, soy products, lean meats and whole grains, and less fried foods

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