6 very popular “healthy foods”, you must know these truths before buying!

Snacks and snacks can enrich our lives. Eating them properly can replenish energy and enrich nutrition. Especially for diabetic patients, eating snacks between meals can also help prevent hypoglycemia. blood sugar.

However, there are some truths to know about some foods we think are healthy before buying them.

Dried fruits and vegetables

If dried fruits and vegetables are naturally air-dried or dried at high temperature, such as raisins, dried longan, dried dates, etc., some vitamins will be lost. Such dried fruits and vegetables can still be eaten.

However, many commercially available dry dehydration methods for fruits and vegetables are frying, which not only dehydrates quickly, but also keeps fruits and vegetables crispy.

However, such dried fruits and vegetables lose a lot of nutrients, and the calories are also greatly increased. The fat content of 100 grams of dried fruits and vegetables can be as high as 50 grams or more, which means that more than half of them are oil. Eat such snacks , not only promotes obesity, but also affects the health of blood lipids.

Green tea, black tea beverages

We know that carbonated drinks, milk tea, etc., drinking too much is not good for health. Some friends choose green tea, iced black tea, jasmine tea, etc. for “health”, thinking that such drinks are better for the body.

Not necessarily.

You can look at the ingredient list. Common black tea, green tea, oolong tea, jasmine tea and other beverages on the market are usually the top ones: water, white sugar, fructose syrup and other substances , is a pure energy food.

In the list of food ingredients, the ingredients with larger additions will be ranked higher, so when we buy this type of beverage, we must first look at the ingredient list to see that the main drink is tea Still sugar.

Frequently drinking high-sugar beverages will also consume B vitamins, decalcify, cause gastrointestinal discomfort, acid reflux and heartburn, and damage the body’s health.

For the sake of health, mineral water or purified water can be preferred for bottled drinks.

Breakfast oatmeal, black sesame paste

Oats and black sesame seeds are very healthy foods by themselves, but not necessarily the breakfast oatmeal or black sesame paste sold in supermarkets.

Some sweet instant oatmeal has added creamer, maltodextrin or saccharin; some black sesame paste products do not contain much black sesame, and the non-dairy creamer in the ingredient list The content of white granulated sugar, high fructose syrup, etc. even ranks before black sesame, and the sesame paste may be “rice white sugar paste”.

Such instant oatmeal and black sesame paste taste sweet and delicious, but the mouth is full of energy. When purchasing such products, also pay attention to the ingredient list and the nutrient list.

Coarse Grain Biscuits

In order to improve the taste, many coarse grain biscuits will add oil, sugar, salt, etc. Although such biscuits are delicious, these added things offset many of the advantages of coarse grains.

When choosing whole grain biscuits, try to choose low-fat, low-calorie, low-sugar products, and do not choose crispy, sweet or salty products. It is also necessary to read food labels. Some products that are advertised as “sugar-free” may be high in oil or salt.

Vitamin gummies or vitamin effervescent tablets

Some friends like to use vitamin gummies to supplement vitamins, which are delicious and nutritious. However, compared with vitamin pills, vitamin gummies also add sweet substances such as white sugar, fructose syrup, and maltose syrup. And some effervescent tablets are very high in sodium.

Especially for children, their sugar and salt limit is lower than that of adults. If they don’t pay attention to their daily diet, and then eat these products, there will be excess sugar or salt. risk.