3,800 stranded tourists at Sanya airport have been placed in designated hotels. Hotel: Free check-in, relatively busy, and generally in good order

On the evening of August 7, Ye Kaizhong, deputy secretary-general of the Sanya Municipal Government, introduced at a press conference on epidemic prevention and control that on August 6, about 3,800 people were stranded at the airport due to flight cancellations. Sanya City promptly transferred the stranded tourists in 89 batches to 11 hotels in the urban area.

Photo/Sanya Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department

Jiupai News contacted a number of hotels that receive tourists stranded at the airport. The staff all said that for this part of the staff arranged by the government, the hotel stay is free.

The notification shows that from 0:00 on August 1 to 24:00 on the 7th, a total of 801 confirmed cases and 409 asymptomatic infections were found in Sanya City. Since 6 am on August 6, Sanya has implemented temporary global static management.

Chen Chen (pseudonym), a stranded passenger at the airport, said that she bought a flight ticket from Sanya to Guizhou in the early morning of August 6, and left for the airport in the early morning. The city government arranged free hotels for them.

At present, the Sanya Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government have set up a special work class, which is responsible for accommodation arrangements for stranded tourists, nucleic acid testing, purchasing of living materials, and special services for the elderly and young. The hotel is required to actively cooperate with the government and other relevant departments to provide reception services for stranded tourists. Do not drive up house prices, increase house prices in disguise or refuse tourists to renew their leases. Tourists should be given a half-price discount on the basis of the original hotel room rate, that is, the room rate already booked.

August 8, the reporter asked the Sanya Bay Lihe Wyndham Hotel as a tourist. The staff introduced that there are indeed some tourists stranded at the airport who have been transferred to live here recently. The government will arrange for this part to come here Personnel, hotel stay is free.

The staff of Howard Johnson Guoguang Resort Hotel introduced that the hotel was fully occupied the day before yesterday, and as of August 12, there were no rooms available. Some guests are staying at 50% off, and some guests are coming from the airport, “I received a notice from the government the day before yesterday afternoon that at least 1,000 people were transferred from the airport to us, and the staff at work were very busy. It’s in good order.”

It is free for tourists if it’s coming from the airport, but it’s actually government-funded for the hotel.

The staff of Dadonghai Hotel said, “We accept tourists who are stranded at the airport. We have received notices for changing boarding passes at the airport before the early morning of August 6th, or getting off the plane. The guests who come down will be transferred by the airport bus to the designated hotel, and the government will pay.” For other tourists, the hotel has room to book, which is a half-price discount.

According to the analysis of hotel staff, there are two situations for tourists stranded in Hainan. One is that they were going to leave on the 6th, but could not leave because the flight was cancelled, so the government will arrange for a free hotel stay; the other is One is to continue to stay in Sanya without knowing when to leave. Such tourists will continue to stay at their own expense, and the hotel will provide a 50% discount. “They can book other hotels if they want. This is their freedom.”

If necessary, guests can book directly at the front desk, show the price they saw online when booking, and the front desk will offer a discount deal with.

Jiupai News reporter Xiao Jie

[Source: Jiupai News]

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