3 tricks for quick treatment of “herpes zoster”, easy to learn, with excellent curative effect

Herpes zoster, commonly known as “loin-clothed dragon” among the people, is characterized by clusters of blisters, which form clusters and bands along one side of the peripheral nerve, often accompanied by Obvious neuralgia, the data show that more than 90% of adults aged 50 and above have varicella-zoster virus latent in their bodies; among them, 1 /3 people will develop shingles during their lifetime due to reactivation of the virus.

“Yi Zong Jin Jian” under the item “Fire Pill Wrapped Around the Waist”: This syndrome has dryness The wetness is different, the red and yellow are different, and they are all in the shape of numerous beads. The dry ones are red in color, shaped like clouds, with wind millet rising up, itching and fever.

This is liver heart II For wind and fire, Longdan Xiegan Decoction should be used for treating dampness, yellowish white, vesicles of various sizes, rotten and running water, and more painful for drier ones. If it is born in the waist, it is caused by liver fire. It is advisable to treat it with Chaihu Qinggan Decoction. The small bubbles in the middle should be pierced with a thread needle, and Baiye powder should be applied externally.

Clinical findings For herpes zoster patients, the choice of prescriptions and medicines varies from person to person. They are not limited to what Western medicine calls “viruses” and use some heat-clearing and detoxifying drugs. On the contrary, many patients need warming methods instead of blindly bitter cold methods.

When I get off work today , I passed by the dermatology department and saw Dr. Zhang receiving a patient with herpes zoster, which reminded me of the first time I treated herpes zoster.

That’s what I just When I started independent consultation, one day a friend chatted with me and told me that he had herpes zoster and was treated in a dermatology clinic. The doctor gave him infusions, oral medicines, and external medicines. The effect is not enough to say, I don’t know what to do, and I am very melancholy. I told him that I had a prescription book in my family, which contained “Herpes Powder”, and asked him if he would like to try it. The patient had no choice but to just He could treat a dead horse as a living horse doctor, but nodded in agreement. Emergency herpes powder.

< span>Miraculous herpes powder

Prescription: 15 grams of realgar, 12 grams of Qingdai, 9 grams of dried alum, 3 grams of borneol.

Preparation method: Co-researching of herbs Powder for later use.

Preparation: Take acyclovir milk Squeeze one ointment into the container, add an appropriate amount of “Herpes Powder” and mix thoroughly.

< span>Prescription:Herpes zoster is called “snake sore” in traditional Chinese medicine. The basic pathogenesis is that damp-heat evil poison stays in the meridian skin. The treatment takes realgar to “drive snakes” as the king, Qingdai Dahan uses heat-clearing and detoxifying, and the two medicines of dry alum and dampness play the role of clearing away heat, detoxifying and drying dampness together as a minister drug, and borneol is cold and heat-clearing and can relieve pain, and can help all medicines to penetrate. The skin is an adjuvant, and acyclovir cream is an excipient.

This prescription has amazing curative effect Jia, has always been regarded as a treasure by the author, and kept secret. Now the author has converted to Buddhism, protected by the Buddha, and grateful for his kindness. For the purpose of accumulating good fortune, it is now made public to the public, hoping to spread it widely and save people all over the world.

Here are some folk prescriptions for treating this disease:

Method 1: Plum blossom needle piercing< /span>

Operation: Routine local disinfection of the lesion, use plum-blossom needle to pierce herpes and lesions, skin microbleeding . Then use the flash fire method to cup, pull out the red and yellow liquid, and wipe it off with sterile toilet paper.

< /div>

Note:< /strong>

1. The venom must be pulled out completely, if it cannot be pulled out once, it must be pulled out repeatedly until it is clean

2. The lesion must be pulled out tightly without leaving any space.


1. After the treatment with this method, the pain will be relieved immediately. Some patients have unbearable pain when the lesion is touched by clothing, but during the cupping process, there is only a slight suction feeling caused by cupping.

2. If the lesion is erosive, plum blossom needle buckle is not needed Thorn, just cupping directly. After pulling out, dry it with infrared rays.

3. When some parts cannot be operated by cupping, use 10~2 0 ml injection needle, cut off the head, aim at the lesion, and aspirate the needle handle, which can have the same effect as cupping. Vacuum cupping is now used instead.

4. Operation completed Afterwards, disinfection is generally no longer performed, and there are no cases of infection. However, in order to standardize the operation, please master it yourself when using it.

5. This method It is superior to other methods. I have treated nearly 100 cases, all of which were cured at one time.

< span>Method 2: pricking bloodletting at Zhiyang point plus cupping

Pricking bloodletting at Zhiyang acupoint plus cupping for mild cases, severe cases recovered five times, no medication and injections were effective More than 100 cases did not see the latter neuralgia.

Method 3: Sanshang point can cure herpes zoster

Three business points are less business, Zhongshang and Laoshang three points. Zhongshang is located a little below the root of the middle of the nail of the thumb; Old Shang is located one minute to the ulnar side of the horn of the nail of the thumb.

< span>Case: Wang, male, 26 years old. Three days ago, a dense cluster of herpes appeared on the right upper abdomen, which was as big as a grain of rice, ring-shaped like a belt, and had a burning and tingling sensation. The local skin is extremely sensitive, and the pain is aggravated by wearing clothes. Body of the tongue is red, yellowish fur, floating and slippery pulse. Acupuncture Sanshang points for bloodletting, squeeze out a few drops of viscous blood each. The pain was significantly relieved after one acupuncture treatment, and he recovered after several treatments.

< span>Experience: Herpes zoster, also known as waist-wrapped fire pill, snake disc sore. This disease is mostly caused by emotional failure; or excessive liver and gallbladder fire, internal dampness and heat, and exogenous dampness and poison. When exogenous pathogens invade the human body, the lung meridian bears the brunt, and the treatment of “lung and fur” should be in the lungs. The Sanshang point belongs to the lung, which can vent lung heat and disperse the evils of the lung meridian, so it can cure herpes zoster when the poison enters the surface.

The above methods are only for Professional reference, please do not imitate at will.