25 high-risk areas in Dingbian County have been reduced to low-risk areas

November On the 24th, the Leading Group for Joint Prevention and Control of the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic in Yulin City issued a notice, deciding to reduce 25 high-risk areas in Dingbian County to low-risk areas from 10:00 on November 24. After the adjustment, there are 5 high-risk areas in Dingbian County.

High-risk areas reduced to low-risk areas (25)

1. Staff dormitory building, staff office building, staff restaurant, production plant area and Soft water treatment workshop and boiler room (factory area on the west side of Zhuanwu Line);

2. Ma Zhifang Canteen in Dongrengou Village, Zhuanjing Town, Dingbian County And the courtyard (opposite to Dongrengou United Station of Dingbian Oil Production Plant);

3. Tiantian Tobacco, Wine, Non-staple Food, Vegetables, Grain and Oil, Hequan Road, Hequan Town Supermarket (opposite to the intersection of Liangquan Road);

4. Liu Yanhui Hebei Screening Store, Hequan Road, Hequan Town;

5. Zhang Weiqian Welding Department of Baiwanzi Town;

6. Baiwanzi Town China Lanzhou Ramen Restaurant;

7. Baiwanzi Town Post Office Business Hall;

8. Baiwanzi Town Guard National Tobacco and Liquor Store;

9. Baiwanzi Town Jiecheng Agricultural Products Development Co., Ltd.;

10. Baiwanzi Town Yang Haixia’s front house and back yard;

11. Wenliang Beef Ramen Restaurant on the south side of the east gate of Xingyuan South District, Dingbian Street;

12. Dream Snow Tea Shop in Leisure Plaza, Dongzheng Street, Dingbian Street;

13. East of Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, Yinghua Road, Dingbian Street Xiangbubble fresh fruit tea shop;

14. Shenshang Billiards Club, Yinghua Road, Dingbian Street and Jiabaihui Supermarket Cold Drink Wholesale Yinghua on the first floor Road Store;

15. Dingbian Street Great Wall South Street Qiyan Self-service Charcoal BBQ Hot Pot City;

16. Business Hall of Bank of China Dingbian Sub-branch, Xianzhong Road, Dingbian Street;

17. Nanshan South Music Restaurant, Mingzhu West Road, Dingbian Street;

18. The entire building of Roasted Lamb Leg Restaurant in Northeast Xizheng Street, Dingbian Street ( Including the first floor of Feifei Modeling and Zhu Huifeng Comprehensive Store);

19. Longfengyuan Bathing Center, South Street, Dingbian Street;< /p>

20. Panda Entertainment, 50 meters southwest of the intersection of Dongzheng Street and Great Wall South Street, Dingbian Street;

21. The entire building of Dingbian Mall, Great Wall South Street, Dingbian Street;

22. Ping’an Fifth Lane, Hequan Town The whole row of courtyards;

23. Xikeduo Supermarket and a courtyard on the west side of Detention Center Lane, Hequan Town;

24. Pony Handmade Jelly and Malatang Shop, 10 meters east of the intersection of Liangquan Road, Hequan Town;

25. ​​Business Hall of Hequan Sub-branch of Rural Commercial Bank of Dingbian County.

After the adjustment, there are 5 high-risk areas in Dingbian County

1. West Twelfth Lane, Youku Road, Dingbian Street and its front and back lanes (three rows in total);

2. Dingjing Dental Hospital, Dingbian Street South Street;

3. Dingbian Street South Street Juxiangyuan Restaurant;

4. Dingbian Street Yinhu Road Hot Wave Malatang, Fat Woman Braised Chicken and Rice, Jiayang Pure Soup Lamb Zasuide Youxuan has a total of three shops;

5. The laneway opposite the No. 8 Middle School of Dingbian Street (to Erdao East Street in the north, to Statue of Liberty Beauty).

Dingbian County is a low-risk area except for the high-risk area, and the scope of the risk area will be adjusted in due course according to changes in the epidemic situation.

Source: Leading Group for Joint Prevention and Control of New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic in Yulin City