10 wise sayings that instantly reveal the weakness of human nature


  • A person who doesn’t want to wade across a small river naturally doesn’t want to go far across the ocean.


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  • Only fools keep making mistakes, wise people learn from the mistakes made by fools.
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  • Horses tend to stumble on soft ground, and people tend to fall in sweet talk.
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  • There is no difference between tragedy and comedy in the world. If you can get out of tragedy, it is comedy. If you indulge in comedy, then it It is tragedy.
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    • If you don’t study, traveling thousands of miles is just a postman.


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    • Don’t be upset when your neighbor plays the piano at two o’clock in the night, you can wake him up at four o’clock and tell You appreciate his playing.


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  • If you just wait, all that happens is that you get old.
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  • True friends are not those who have endless conversations together, but those who don’t feel embarrassed even if they don’t say a word.
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  • With wolves, you can only learn to howl. When you get in touch with those excellent people, you will be well influenced, and you will become an excellent person.
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    • There are three things in this world that are others What cannot be taken away: one is the food eaten in the stomach, the other is the dream hidden in the heart, and the third is the book read into the brain.

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