1 new local confirmed case in Heze

July 24, 2022 0:00-12:00, Heze City reported 1 confirmed case (confirmed case 1) .

Confirmed case 1, female, was found in the screening of medical patients in Cao County. After consultation by the expert group, the patient was diagnosed with asymptomatic infection, and then turned into a confirmed case with a mild clinical type. As of 8:00 on July 24, 42 people in close contact and 12 people in sub-close contact have been traced, all of which are under control.

The specific activity track is as follows:

July 16:


Not going out at home.

July 17:

8:28, go to Louzhuang Central Primary School Xiaoyao Town for Hu Spicy Soup; 13:50, eat at Whole Foods.

July 18:

15:10, go to Louzhuang Street for iced tea; 17:00 return home.

July 19:

8:53, go to Baikang University Pharmacy to buy medicine; 9:38, go to Louzhuang Central Primary School Xiaoyao Town for Hu Spicy Soup; 19:55, Shopping at the 2 yuan store next to Shiquan Food; 20:20 shopping at Hongyuan; 20:30 shopping at Iced Pure Tea.

July 20:

16:00 at Louzhuang V8 billiards room; 16:51, buy ice cream next to Louzhuang Middle School; 17:00 buy cake at Dongqi.

July 21:

Not going out at home.

July 22:

7:00, arrive at Caocheng Town Middle School; 8:00, take bus No. 106 at the bus stop at the entrance of Caocheng Town Middle School to the bus at the entrance of Wanji Community Stop sign, walk to Wanji Community; 9:10, take bus No. 106 and return to the gatekeeper of Caocheng Town Middle School; 9:45-11:00, take the Louzhuang shuttle bus to return home.

July 23:

15:00, went to Baikang University Pharmacy to buy medicine; 16:05, went to Louzhuang Health Center fever clinic for treatment; 22:21, the initial screening was positive ;23:55, transfer to the designated hospital.

Citizens who overlap with the above activity trajectories please take the initiative to report to the CDC and conduct nucleic acid testing as soon as possible. During the test, do not take public transportation, do not go to public places, and cooperate with the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures. At present, the work of tracing the source of the flow is in progress, please pay attention to the official information release, do not believe in rumors, and do not spread rumors. The general public is requested to tighten the strings of epidemic prevention and control, maintain good personal hygiene habits, wear masks, wash hands frequently, ventilate frequently, avoid gatherings, and do a good job of self-health monitoring. If you have symptoms such as fever, cough, fatigue, loss of smell and taste, etc. , please wear a medical mask and go to the nearest fever clinic immediately. If the spread of the epidemic is caused by concealing the relevant contact information, the relevant personnel will be investigated for legal responsibility in accordance with the law.

Heze Municipal Party Committee Coordinates Epidemic Prevention and Control and Economic Operation


Work Leadership Team (Command)

July 24, 2022

Source: Health Heze

[Source: Yantai Radio and Television Station]

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