【Happy moment on weekends】Happy jokes will make you laugh for a long time!

1. “Why are there little fat cows and little fat sheep when you go to eat hot pot? Pig?”
“Because the little fat pigs are all around the table eating little fat cows and little fat sheep.”

2. When I was young I feel that the aunts in the ATM must be very hard. Only when I grow up, I realize that there are so many deposits and withdrawals in and out every day, and the workload of counting money is so heavy. How can there be an aunt working in the ATM.
I think I was quite SB when I was young. . . With such a heavy workload, it must be a man pretending to be inside.

3. My friend asked me today: You have to tell me honestly, do I lose my eyes when I smile?
When I was hesitating, she said to me, hey, it’s not hard for you, I know it myself, because every time I laugh, I feel dark in front of my eyes. . .

4. Others say that two people live together, like two cars driving side by side on a road, collisions are always inevitable. I believe it! But I believe that a big old man must be able to hit it.
But after getting married, I found out that my wife is a forklift and I am a bicycle. Let alone a collision, I can tremble with fright when I hear the sound!

5. Me: One day in the sky and one year in the earth, the cowherd only sees his wife once a year, but for the weaver girl it is every day You can see your husband. Wow, the Cowherd’s lovesickness is so miserable!
Friend: Cowherd only spends one day a year to accompany his wife, and Zhinu thinks that he comes to accompany her every day, which is perfect!

6. “Some people in China act like life mentors when they have money, giving lectures everywhere, thinking that their farts are good words , why is such a person not my father?”
“Because they are younger than you!”

7. A five-star hotel had a big meal, and when they checked out, they said they didn’t bring any money.
The manager called security to threaten him and asked him to work as a waiter in the hotel to pay back the money.
He asked the manager: “Then why didn’t you apply for me in the morning?”

8. My sister broke up with her boyfriend because of her gluttony .
I asked her: “How are you feeling now?”
She said: “My heart is as broken as a crushed potato chip!”.