Yidian public welfare class|Teaching popular science knowledge of food safety, college student volunteers provide love

Reporter Wang Li

From November 1st to 28th, volunteers from the Food Science and Engineering Department of Qilu University of Technology filmed popular science knowledge videos for Changqing District, Jinan City Students in remote mountainous areas imparted balanced diet methods, healthy eating patterns, the benefits of probiotics, common sense about food poisoning, common sense of food additives, etc., and popularized food safety science knowledge, which won widespread praise from students in mountainous areas.

Volunteer Xu Ruoxuan told the reporter : “As a student majoring in food science and engineering, this is the first time I have transformed the professional knowledge I have learned into practice. It is very important to transform advanced professional knowledge into easy-to-understand popular science knowledge and promote food safety knowledge to students in mountainous areas. Have a sense of accomplishment. Participating in public welfare teaching activities is not only a tempering, but also a valuable life experience. While helping others, I also improve myself. I hope that I will continue to learn from it and strive for greater progress.”

“We cherish such a cloud I hope there will be more opportunities to improve myself and help others in the future!” Volunteer Li Xiaonan said with deep emotion, from organizing the manuscript to shooting the video, I feel like I am communicating face-to-face with a group of lovely children and sharing food Safety knowledge, truly feel the immature faces and innocent smiles of mountain children.

Volunteer Li Hanyue told the reporter that this Participating in voluntary teaching activities through a public welfare class for the first time, not only helped children in mountainous areas master food safety knowledge, but also allowed students to comprehensively improve and exercise their professional learning and oral expression.

Han Zhongqiu, the instructor of public welfare activities of the department, told the reporter that it is a very honorable honor for the volunteer team of college students to show love through the one-point public welfare class In the next step, the team will continue to impart food science knowledge to mountain students to help them grow up healthily.

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