Viewpoint|This slap in the face has lost the image of a public office in the government service window

On the evening of November 22, a video of a staff member of a real estate transaction center slapping citizens at the counter was widely reposted. According to media reports, the incident took place on the second floor of the Jiangsu Kunshan Real Estate Transaction Management Center. On November 23, the relevant staff of the Kunshan Natural Resources and Planning Bureau responded that there was a quarrel between the two parties at that time, and the two parties have now settled after mediation, and the staff involved have been suspended.

Judging from the on-site video, a male staff member picked up a suspected paper-like object from his desk and slapped it vigorously in front of the citizens who were handling business. Then the citizen threw the paper on the counter at the staff member, and the staff member slapped the citizen in charge back. This incident seems small, but due to the universality and concreteness of the scene, every citizen may encounter it, which has aroused many comments and doubts from netizens on this incident.

Reconciliation and suspension are obviously not enough. Reconciliation is only a result reached by the two parties in the conflict. It is obviously necessary to present to the public how the units involved will characterize this matter and how to rectify and reflect on it. Suspension refers to the temporary suspension of the duties performed by the party concerned, which is not considered a punishment strictly speaking, but only a temporary measure. However, the Kunshan Natural Resources and Planning Bureau also responded to the media saying that the bureau is handling the matter and will announce the details of the incident and its handling later. We might as well wait and see.

As for the live video and related information that have been circulated, there are also many places worth asking.

For example, with regard to the identity of the assailant, there is currently information that he is a temporary external employee, and some say that he is a public welfare worker. Another staff member of the Kunshan Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning interviewed by the media said that the term “temporary workers” does not represent the position of the Kunshan Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning. This makes people confused.

In fact, no matter how these personnel are hired or what their specific duties are, it does not affect the nature of the incident. Even if it is a temporary worker, the relevant units cannot clear up their responsibilities. Even if they are temporary employees, since they wear work uniforms and sit in public service positions, they are performing corresponding duties and representing the image of the public sector. Facing the public, we still need to have a certain sense of service and professionalism, and we must not have the mentality of being superior and “asking me for something”, let alone patting the table or reaching out to hit people.

In addition, some witnesses interviewed by the media said, “On a normal working day, the business ends at 5 pm, and the lobby stopped at around 4:30 pm on the day of the incident. It is said that it was a temporary meeting. “This is also a detail that touches the emotions of netizens. The phenomenon of “4:30” is not uncommon in some public service department windows. However, the working hours disclosed by public units are essentially a promise to citizens. During this time, citizens should be properly received when they go to handle business. The so-called “temporary meeting” is an internal matter of the unit, which has nothing to do with the citizens and should not take up the citizens’ working time.

In recent years, many places have set up “can’t do things” feedback windows. For example, in June this year, Suzhou opened this window to specifically solve problems such as difficulty in doing things, running back and forth, and poor experience. There was a quarrel between the staff and the people who handled the affairs, and they even moved their hands. This is obviously a kind of “poor experience” for the people who handle the affairs. Although the parties have reached a settlement, it does not mean that similar incidents will not happen again. This is where the departments involved need to rectify.

Of course, what is the ins and outs of the conflict remains to be ascertained, but there should be a consensus on a bottom line: no matter what, beating someone is wrong. This slap in the face not only lost the sense of service, but also tarnished the image of public office.

(Author: Li Zhe, source: Red Star News)