Viewpoint|The development of the “Lu Xun’s Grandma’s Home” scenic spot is to catch the popularity of celebrities?

A few days ago, according to The Paper, Yuecheng District of Shaoxing City recently responded to the “Suggestion on Making “Lu Xun’s Grandma’s Home” a Village of Cultural Tourism Style”, saying that Yuecheng District took “the hometown of the hometown” as the theme of cultural tourism promotion, and digging deeper Lu Xun’s literary resources, the next step will be to study the feasibility of the water line, connecting Lu Xun’s grandmother’s house and Lu Xun’s uncle’s house. This official statement is actually a response to some voices in the public opinion field that the development of “Lu Xun’s grandma’s house” is purely “frivolous”.

Previously, the staff of Sunduan Street, Yuecheng District, Shaoxing City told the media: “We hope to develop its cultural potential based on local characteristics. In fact, this project has been developed for two years and has achieved some results. ” Anqiaotou Village, Sunduan Street, Yuecheng District, Shaoxing City is the prototype of Pingqiao Village mentioned in Lu Xun’s famous “Shexi”, and it is also the village where Lu Xun’s grandmother lives. It is said that Lu Xun used to watch and play here when he was a child.

As a cultural celebrity, Lu Xun’s popularity and influence are self-evident. Lu Xun’s former residence is also a cultural business card of Shaoxing, and the related tourist resources can be developed to help develop the local tourism economy. However, when the 5A-level scenic spot “Lu Xun’s hometown” has already reached a considerable scale, Shaoxing continues to develop Lu Xun’s “surroundings”, and even makes “Lu Xun’s grandma’s home” into a scenic spot, but some people are puzzled: whether this is a “crash” Celebrity heat”? Can such an operation really bring tourism popularity to the local area?

From the perspective of tourism economy, the effect of “celebrity halo” often has overflow value, and can even play “miraculous effects” in some unexpected places. For example, some little-known mountainous areas have become “check-in places” for tourists just because a certain place is the shooting location of a well-known film; there are also some places that try their best to get involved with ancient celebrities or stories To create brands such as “XX Hometown” and “XX Hometown”, as long as they are properly managed, they can indeed earn a lot of tourism income.

In particular, some virtual concepts are more likely to be “robbed” by various places. For example, “Peach Blossom Spring” can be called a “big IP” in the tourism economy. There are “Peach Blossom Spring Scenic Spots” in many places such as Hunan and Chongqing. There is also “Huaguo Mountain”, a virtual place name in literature. In addition to the most famous “Huaguo Mountain Scenic Area” in Lianyungang, Jiangsu, there are many “Huaguo Mountains” in the country. Because these concepts are very well-known, but there are very few tourists who really want to verify and are willing to be serious, this has caused many places to “follow the trend” and want to get a share of the tourism resources brought by the famous image.

However, we also have to see that there are still some rules that must be followed to gain popularity and fame. Only with the correct “posture” can we gain a long-term reputation. First of all, the basic facts need to be clarified. The content of the response from Yuecheng District of Shaoxing City this time can be said to be more objective and true, and it is not far-fetched. To develop the corresponding tourism resources.

However, even if a place is indeed associated with celebrities, if you want to do a good job in tourism, you must create personalized content to enhance the tourist experience. Nowadays, many scenic spots are stereotyped, and the differentiation is not in place. If the scenic spots in the same area have similar natural landscapes and cultural features, and there is no distinction between them, it will only have the effect of “1+1<2". Although the concept of "Lu Xun's grandmother's home" is relatively new, whether it is different from the scenic spot of Lu Xun's hometown in Shaoxing, whether it can design a unique tourist route based on the local actual situation, and make the best use of its tourist resources will be of great help to the public. The local area is also a challenge.

Fortunately, we can see that some innovative work is already being tried locally. According to Jimu News, the local area is combining “beautiful rural construction” to take a new path of rural revitalization through the integration of culture and tourism, and has also built a series of Lu Xun cultural theme squares such as Blessing Square and Katiao Square—this is characteristic tourism. Cultural and creative tourism developed. In the final analysis, it is not a long-term solution to engage in “development” just for the sake of enthusiasm. Only on the basis of respecting cultural facts and adhering to innovative development can scenic spots attract tourists and have lasting vitality.

(Author: Huang Shuai, source: China Youth Review)