Tianyan News|Guizhou Disease Control: Attention should be paid to these situations in emotions

Create a good environment to support mental health. On October 10, which coincided with the 31st World Mental Health Day, the reporter interviewed Zhang Yixia, Section Chief and Deputy Chief Physician of the Mental Health Section of the Institute of Chronic Diseases of the Guizhou Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention on issues related to mental health.

“In today’s society, various psychological stress factors have increased sharply, which seriously affects individual mental health. Mental health problems have become a major public health problem and a prominent social problem. Mental illness not only seriously affects the The work and life of patients and their families also bring heavy social and economic burdens, and it is urgent to pay attention to and maintain mental health.” Zhang Yixia said.

“Health is a state of complete physical, psychological and social adaptation. Mental health and physical health are interconnected and interact with each other, and when diseases arise on the one hand, they are also affected by Zhang Yixia pointed out that the standards for defining mental health in the current society are as follows: have a sufficient sense of security; fully understand oneself and make appropriate judgments about one’s own abilities; life goals are realistic; keep in touch with the external environment ; maintain the integrity and harmony of personality; have certain learning ability; maintain good interpersonal relationships; be able to appropriately express and control one’s emotions; exert one’s talents and interests to a limited extent; under the condition of not violating social moral standards , to a certain extent meet the basic needs of individuals.

She said that mental health refers to a good or normal state of all aspects and activities of the mind, mainly including emotional stability, happy mood, normal intelligence, good self-awareness, thinking and Coordinated behavior, harmonious interpersonal relationship, good adaptability and other characteristics.

If the mood continues to be low and unhappy; long-term anxiety, tension, palpitation; episodic palpitation, fear, fear; repeated recall, inspection, washing hands; communication with others, speech , nervous and fearful during meetings; often unwell and unable to find the cause; insomnia; sensitive, suspicious, abnormal behavior; excited, talkative, energetic and other symptoms persist for a long time, and have affected life, social interaction, and work Wait, you need to consider whether there is a psychological problem, and you need to go to a regular hospital to find an experienced psychiatrist or psychiatrist for help. If necessary, treatment with antidepressant and anti-anxiety drugs under the guidance of a doctor is also required to relieve emotional discomfort. However, during the medication period, you must strictly follow the doctor’s advice, and you cannot stop the medication without authorization, otherwise it is prone to withdrawal reactions and adverse effects, and you should also pay attention to regular follow-up visits.

Zhang Yixia said that mental illness, like physical illness, requires early identification, early detection, early diagnosis, and early treatment in order to restore health as soon as possible and be a happy and healthy person.

Source: Guizhou Daily Sky Eye News