These newlyweds experience the “Qiao·si” happy covenant at the Dongcheng District Marriage Registration Center

Today is August 4th, the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, which coincides with the traditional Chinese festival “Qixi Festival”. Many newcomers choose to receive their certificates on this beautiful day. Today, the city specially launched the 2022 Qixi Festival “Join Hands to Seek Happiness, Love the Capital and Create Harmony” theme activities. In the marriage registration affairs centers of the Civil Affairs Bureaus of various districts, a variety of activities sent different blessings to the newly registered couples on that day. This morning, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily visited the Marriage Registration Center of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Dongcheng District. Here, through the design of 5 activities, a “smart and thoughtful” happy appointment was prepared for the newcomers who came to register.

Newcomers experience “threading the needle” at the Qiqiao Festival

Beijing Youth Daily reporters saw at the scene that because the marriage registration in this city needs to make an appointment in advance, the newcomers follow the appointment Come to collect the certificate at a good time, and the scene is orderly. Scanning the code, measuring the temperature, waiting for the number to be called, submitting the materials, going through the formalities… all work is proceeding in an orderly manner. Many newcomers also specially “dressed up”, or wear couple’s clothes, or light wedding dresses, wearing veils, holding flowers, fans are all filled with sweet taste.

Under the premise of epidemic prevention and control, in order to leave a different memory for the newlyweds, the Dongcheng District Marriage Registration Center also specially launched marriage registration publicity activities for the newlyweds, including taking pictures, tacit understanding tests, “Having your home”, painting and business activities, “praising your goodness”, and situational communication time are five items. Each link is carried out one-on-one, which effectively relieves the gathering of people and promotes the dissemination of marriage customs and culture in the new era. In these activities, newcomers can not only take photos at the well-designed folk culture background wall, but also pick up paintbrushes, imagine “have your home” together, draw a yearning for future life, and send a message of “a beautiful blueprint for home” .

Mr. Li and Ms. Cai


In the tacit understanding test, Mr. Li and Ms. Cai are eager to try. The other party’s favorite fruit and food, their greatest hobby, what they are best at, and what they want to say to each other the most… They wrote the answers on the colored paper respectively. . “The tacit understanding between the two of us is incredible!” Mr. Li said with a smile, and Ms. Cai, who was next to him, knew that he could not close his mouth. Because today is the Qiqiao Festival, the two played “threading the needle and thread” again. One held the needle and the other took the thread. Together, they passed the red thread representing the old moon through the needle hole, and experienced the tacit cooperation of “Qiqiao” on the spot. This is also a special occasion for today. small part of the design.

“In order to create a different beauty for this important moment, we specially prepared something, wore a white skirt, bought a veil, and last night he accompanied me to the flower shop to choose this bunch of flowers , the ceremony is full!” Ms. Cai’s face was filled with sweetness and happiness.

A total of 100 newcomers made an appointment to come to Dongcheng to collect their passports on the same day right. Previously, the Marriage Registration Affairs Center of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Dongcheng District has issued a warm reminder for epidemic prevention and control in advance, reminding everyone to wear a mask when entering the marriage registration office. Prove, line up to implement the 2-meter line. Affected by the epidemic, various extended services that are not legal procedures for marriage registration, such as the Marriage Oath and Certification Office, continue to be suspended, and the “Online Cloud Certification Mini Program” makes up for the regret, and newcomers can still experience the online certification service.

The rich activities in each district send different blessings to the newcomers

“Qixi Festival”, also known as Qiqiao Festival and Girls’ Festival, is most widely spread among the people Legend has it that the love story between the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl, such as the “Customs” written by Ying Shao in the Eastern Han Dynasty, contains: “The Weaver Girl should cross the river on the Qixi Festival, and use the magpie as the bridge.” Wearing seven-hole needles on the seven days in the open-hearted building, everyone is familiar with it.” The “Qixi Festival” prospered in the court of the Western Han Dynasty in the early days, and later spread to the people. At first, it mainly expressed begging for skill and commended women’s skillful wisdom. On this day, embroidery and needlework were displayed. and other craftsmanship. After it spread to the people, it was added with wishes such as love and family happiness, and even added the connotation of advocating reading and writing articles. For example, in Liu Yiqing’s “New Words of the World”, it was mentioned that everyone posted books on July 7th. Fragments, and later the customs of various places were also integrated into their respective regional characteristics.

As a traditional Chinese folk festival, on this special day, the Civil Affairs Bureau specially launched the 2022 Qixi Festival “Join Hands to Seek Happiness, Love the Capital and Create Harmony” theme activities, and registered marriages at the Civil Affairs Bureau of each district. In the center, various activities will send different blessings to the newcomers who registered on the day. For example, the Marriage Registration Center in Xicheng District has prepared beautiful balloons and ribbons for the newlyweds. The newlyweds can write their marriage vows on the ribbons, and elders can also use this to send their blessings to the newlyweds; During the ceremony, professional photographers provided free photo and video services, and at the same time, “Blessing Cards” were presented to newlyweds who registered for marriage on the same day; Mentougou District, with the theme of “Magpie Dreams Seeing Qixi Festival in Millenniums”, carried out activities to carry forward traditional Qixi Festival cultural activities, and also carefully A traditional Hanfu and styling team was prepared to guide the newcomers to put on traditional Chinese costumes to take photos for commemoration.

Text/Beijing Youth Daily reporter Jiang Ruojing

Photo/Beijing Youth Daily reporter Wei Tong

Editor/Peng Xiaofei