Questionnaire with prizes|I always do this after stuffing my teeth, no wonder the teeth deteriorate so fast

As good as dry rice is, it can be maddening to have a tooth jammed.

A toothpick after a meal seems to have become a standard in Chinese restaurants.

However, the ubiquitous toothpicks are difficult to accurately clean the interdental spaces and are more likely to damage the gums. Most dentists do not recommend this method.

Many people would think, I’m fine with brushing my teeth, right? But in fact, even with the correct brushing method, there are still nearly 40% of the blind spots in cleaning [1].

If you want to do a good job of oral hygiene and solve the problem of blocked teeth, we need to use some oral cleaning tools such as dental floss and dental irrigator.

But unfortunately, because of the way of use and cognition, the public still has many troubles about the use of these oral tools.

Thereforewe have prepared an attitude survey, tell your troubles and experience in oral cleaning, we will use your strength to popularize oral health for the public make an effort! By the way, you can also test your koi attributes~