Qingweilai|You, beautiful my words

You, beautiful my text

(Tan Yufeng)

cut my resume, edit my thoughts


Typeset the heart page and turn the diary back

Who is the beauty of my text

Who is the string that is drunk on me

< p>A soft breeze like spring

Like summer vitality

Like the moonlight in the dark night

just like the warm sun in winter

regeneration My soul

The peach blossoms are blooming, and the early spring is no longer cold

The birds are singing, and the sky is no longer lonely

The white clouds hang high, and there will be no haze in my chest

The flowing water is gurgling, and joy is beckoning to me

The mountains and clouds are my companions

The flowing water ding dong Follow the grass

I would like to invite Wu Gang to offer wine again

Ask Chang’e to dance again

You, hold my dream tour Dancing

From now on, my thoughts will no longer be hesitant

From then on, my life will no longer be monotonous

From now on, my words will no longer be dry

From now on, my strings are no longer in a coma

One Point Green Sandalwood