Notice to Patients|Xiehe Hospital App Launches “Electronic Medication Guidance” Service

Does the same thing happen to you after a hospital visit to get your medicine? When I listened to the pharmacist explaining the precautions for taking medication at the pharmacy window, I forgot how to take it as soon as I left the window; I have doubts about the usage of the prescribed medicine, and I don’t know who to ask; I don’t have any medicines delivered to my home via the Internet. In order to communicate face-to-face with the pharmacist, looking at the black and white words on the prescription, 10,000 question marks appeared in my heart…

Don’t panic! Click the “Peking Union Medical College Hospital” App to experience the “Electronic Medication Guidance” service provided by the Union Medical College Pharmacy Team——

Project Purpose

In order to allow patients to take medication correctly and safely, the Pharmacy Department of Peking Union Medical College Hospital has established a medication guidance project team, and has screened 985 commonly used drugs from the hospital’s drug supply catalog. Based on the drug instructions and authoritative pharmacy monographs, a concise medication instruction sheet is prepared and embedded in the “Peking Union Medical College Hospital” App.

As long as the patient takes out the mobile phone, the patient can check the medication instruction sheet anytime, anywhere, repeatedly, which can not only be used as a supplement to the “window medication account” under the traditional pharmaceutical service model, but also make up for the Internet It is a pity that patients cannot communicate face-to-face with pharmacists during diagnosis and treatment.

Project Introduction

The Medication Instruction Sheet contains the patient’s top concerns:

①Drug usage: Such as the time of taking the medicine, whether it is affected by diet, whether it needs to be chewed, whether it can be broken and ground, the interval between different drugs, etc.;

②Precautions: If the drug may cause drowsiness, avoid driving, avoid drinking, avoid sun exposure, and avoid concomitant drugs and other warnings; p>

③Indices to be monitored: Refers to the laboratory examination items and auxiliary examinations that need to be monitored during drug use, such as liver and kidney function, blood sugar, blood pressure, etc.; p>

④Adverse drug reaction: Refers to the uncomfortable symptoms that may occur after taking the medicine, which requires the patient to pay close attention. In severe cases, the drug needs to be stopped immediately and see a doctor;

⑤Drug storage conditions.

How to check

After the patient finishes the diagnosis and treatment and completes the payment, he or she can enter the “Peking Union Medical College Hospital” App, and click the “Prescription Search” interface to view the prescription issued by the doctor during this visit. If you want to know more, you can continue to click “Medication Instructions” to read the drug instructions.

If the above two methods still cannot fully answer your medication questions, you can click the “Pharmacist Consultation” icon on the prescription inquiry interface to initiate an online consultation. We can provide you with one-on-one personalized pharmacy services.


Electronic Medication Guidance serves all online and offline patients, not just those with internet diagnosis and treatment!

Project Outlook

With the rapid popularization of Internet hospitals, online diagnosis and treatment and home delivery of medicines are gradually normalized. In the follow-up, the Union Pharmacy Department will also use “Internet +”, artificial intelligence and other information technologies to gradually expand the scope of pharmacy services, and provide patients with online medication reminders, medication check-in, rational medication education, home medication services, chronic disease management, medication follow-up, etc. More service items, continuously improve the quality and efficiency of pharmaceutical services, and better protect the health of the people.

Graphics/Jiang Weizhe Hu Yang

Review/Du Xiaoli Tang Yan

Editor/Hong Chengwei Chen Yan

Chief Editor/Chen Mingyan

Producer/Wu Peixin