New Space Journey|”God Fifteen” Launched with the Moon to Reveal the Crew’s “Personal Luggage”

Source: CCTV | November 30, 2022 01:22:43


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CCTV News: At 23:08 on November 29, the Long March 2F Yao 15 carrier rocket carrying the Shenzhou 15 manned spacecraft was ignited and launched at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center , About 10 minutes later, the Shenzhou 15 manned spacecraft was successfully separated from the rocket and entered the predetermined orbit. The crew of the astronauts was in good condition, and the launch was a complete success.

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The space station is the home of astronauts in space. According to the plan, the crew of three astronauts on Shenzhou 15 will stay on the space station for 6 months. On this space trip, what personal items will the three astronauts bring to the space station? Let’s find out together.

As early as the student days, calligraphy was One of Fei Junlong’s hobbies. Became an astronaut, and never let go of the hobby of calligraphy.

Shenzhou 15 Astronaut Fei Junlong: Astronaut training is really busy, I am practicing calligraphy as a kind of adjustment, for self-entertainment, because after all, writing requires you to concentrate , I need to stabilize my emotions, so in this case, I want to test or exercise my spirit and perseverance. No matter how busy I am, I still write a word every day, even if I have to practice a word.

Fei Junlong revealed that calligraphy is also a common hobby of the Shenzhou 15 crew. In this mission, they carried writing tools and will display their calligraphy works in space.

Shenzhou 15 Astronaut Fei Junlong: We will also use our hobbies to use the air environment as much as possible and use our rest time to entertain ourselves. But I think we are more likely to be a kind of sustenance, a kind of longing for relatives, friends, comrades-in-arms on the ground, home and the people of the motherland.

Astronaut Deng Qingming, who went to space for the first time, will bring some family items to ease the homesickness caused by long-distance “business trips”.

Astronaut Deng Qingming of Shenzhou 15:For example, family photos, some small toys of my grandson, and I also brought the toys he usually likes. When he comes to see me, when we have a conversation, I can show him his favorite toys and interact with him. In that way, I feel that my fatigue and hard work on it can be released a lot.

Astronaut Zhang Lu prepared musical equipment for the first space trip to enrich life in space.

Shenzhou 15th Astronaut Zhang Lu: We brought rice paper and brushes, so we can write. I can write, the first sentence is called unswerving determination, and the second is called perseverance, these two sentences are also a kind of encouragement and spur for our profession. Then I also brought two integrated karaoke microphones for singing. I personally also brought a harmonica, and some personal things, which are kept secret for the time being.

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