More and more Monica|How to relieve your inner anxiety at the moment?


“Seeing Monica”

It is a predictive interactive column with the theme of “healing”

Aims for everyone who is confused and deeply nervous

Bringing guidance and spiritual help

I believe everyone knows a thing or two about oracle cards. Soft-colored pictures, soft and powerful sentences are labels that cannot be ignored in oracle cards. Different from the tarot card, the tarot card focuses on prediction, and the birth of the oracle card is more used to provide users with inner awakening, gain a positive and positive attitude towards life, and thus enhance their inner energy. I hope that through the form of articles, I can help every tiny individual who is confused and anxious to obtain relaxation and self-healing at the soul level. This is also the original intention of my opening this topic column. Hope it brings some help in your life.

The night is quiet and gentle, and quietness is more likely to magnify people’s senses. Have you also had such an experience: in the dead of night, the two “little people” in your mind confront each other and fight constantly; Stranded ship. It’s a bad feeling, and you know it well – it’s not right. So how does the emotional sailboat break through these fogs? How can we find peace in the midst of chaos and chaos? Are you willing to find your own emotional emergency exit now?

Below, please focus your attention and choose an oracle card that you are most connected to, and let us receive this guidance from nature together.





What does the chosen card mean? Let’s have a look! Scroll down to see the answer.

A Balance (Passiflora)

If you choose 【Passiflora japonica】, its effects of invigorating the body and pharynx, strengthening the spleen and appetizing are endowed with a balanced spiritual connotation in the Western world. It becomes a pointer to help you manage your anxiety, intended to tell you that if you learn to find your emotional middle ground, you will be better off.

The tilt of the balance seems to be a victory for one side, but the moment when the balance is lost, it is actually full of losses for both sides. And your current anxiety is precisely because of the overload of emotions. In a certain choice and field, the senses are infinitely enlarged. The fine sand of emotions is shaky on the unbalanced scale, and there is a danger that the building will collapse at any time. When you draw this card, it’s telling you that you don’t have to magnify some of your senses too much, try to look at the moment from a more objective perspective, and it will restore your emotional balance.

Tips for self-healing:

Drink a glass of passion fruit honey water.

B Guidelines (Sage)

If you choose 【Clary Sage】, its effects of clearing away heat and dampness, detoxification and swelling have been endowed with spiritual connotations in the Western world. It becomes a pointer to help you manage your anxiety, to tell you, try to receive your innermost guidance and start believing in yourself from now on.

Your anxiety comes from the separation of inner choices from reality. There are many such moments in life. There are some things that I really want to do, but before I leave, because of self-entanglement, other people’s evaluation or obstacles of practical factors, I finally die. Whenever such a sense of separation comes, it is like experiencing a thrilling geological disaster, and you are standing on the edge of the cracked earth, precarious. When you draw this card, it’s telling you: go after the light that spews out of your heart, and your footsteps are quick and right until you’re old.

Tips for self-healing:

Use dried sage to fumigate indoors and use fire safely.

C Alteration (Elderberry)

If you choose [Elderberry], its effects of dispelling wind and dampness, promoting blood circulation and relieving pain, and promoting the healing of bruises and fractures have been endowed with a spiritual connotation of change in the Western world. It becomes a pointer to help ease your anxiety, to tell you that trying to change makes you look cooler than you are afraid of panic.

The flow of galaxies, the migration of salmon, the migration of geese… Everything in nature is constantly moving in its own way, forming this vibrant blue planet . Changes and changes bring unknown risks and fears, but they also constitute a path for the world to move towards more possibilities. Don’t be afraid of change, face it, love it and move through it. When you draw this card, it’s telling you: Take this bold step, and your future self will thank you for being brave now.

Tips for self-healing:

Drink a glass of elderberry-flavored soda.

D Freedom (Artemisia)

If you choose 【Artemisia annua】, its purifying and pain-relieving effects are endowed with a spiritual connotation of freedom in the Western world. It becomes a pointer to help you ease your anxiety, to tell you that you don’t have to let yourself be trapped in those boxes because you’re always free.

We are born naked and grow up in nature. In many moments, we are bound by the rules set by the world or ourselves, and we cannot freely travel through the jungle of life. This leaves you struggling, mired in a swamp, and losing your instinct to move freely in the world. That swamp is your “thought”, and the first step to breaking free is to learn to trust yourself. When you draw this card, it’s telling you: You should regain the ability to fly, because it’s your innate instinct.

Tips for self-healing:

Grate dried mugwort and place in a bag under your pillow.

Note: All recipes appearing in this article are for informational purposes only. Do not replace traditional remedies with herbal remedies without consulting your doctor. Consult your physician or pharmacist before using any herbal remedies.