Inheritance of Family Tradition|Protect life, family walks with us

The staff dormitory of Xiehe Hospital, located in Santiao Hutong, Beijige, Dongdan, is the home of Professor Qian Wenwei of the Department of Orthopedics of Peking Union Medical College Hospital. “There is nothing special about our family. Like all families in the compound, my parents leave early and come back late. When it is rare to come back earlier, I sit under the lamp and read documents. In my memory, the home is always very quiet.” p>

We guard life, family walks with us

Dr. Qian’s mother, Professor Zhang Yiwen, is a famous gynecological endocrinologist. After graduating and being assigned to Peking Union Medical College Hospital in 1957, Zhang Yiwen followed the medical team to many places: four times to the countryside to Miyun Reservoir and Jingmi Water Diversion Project Hospital, and followed the traveling medical team to Huailai County, Hebei, and Yongxiu Health Department of Jiangxi. May 7th Cadre School, Dunhuang, Gansu and other places supported it, which lasted more than five years. Later, she went to the Department of Reproductive Medicine, University Hospital of San Diego, California, USA as a visiting scholar for two years.

“At that time, there were no long-distance calls at home, and there was no video. Both children were brought by the elderly. It took about two weeks for a letter to be sent. It was the dedication and support of the family. It made me.” Zhang Yiwen recalled his early experiences in medicine with tears in his eyes.

“When I was a child, I never felt that my mother was incompetent. The little friends in the compound are similar. Before going out, a bunch of keys are hung around the neck, and after school, we do homework and play together. When I was hungry, I went home and had a hot meal.” Dr. Qian recalled, “After I became a father, I realized my mother’s guilt. My surgery day was on Friday, so I had to go back to the hospital every Saturday and Sunday. Ward rounds, visiting patients after surgery. Weekend rounds are a tradition of Concord, and most colleagues will come. But for the family, this is actually a debt, because it means sacrificing the company time that should belong to the family for many years. We Dedicated to patients and family to us.”

True talent and practical learning are the foundation

“I was born in a family of intellectuals, and since I was a child, I firmly believed that true talents and practical learning are the conditions for survival.” In 1957, Zhang Yiwen graduated from Tianjin Medical University with honors and was assigned to Peking Union Medical College Hospital . In 1971, scientists Roger Guillemen and Andrew Schally successfully isolated and purified human hypothalamic gonadotropin-releasing hormone, and scientist Friesen successfully isolated and purified human pituitary prolactin, and the sub-discipline of female reproductive endocrinology was born. In 1973, Zhang Yiwen was assigned by Director Lin Qiaozhi and fixed in the Endocrinology Group of Xiehe Gynecology.

“I am very honored to witness the development of gynecological endocrinology from its birth to its take-off.” For 60 years, Zhang Yiwen has been immersed in the rivers and lakes where hormones are produced, rushing, blazing and extinguishing, guarding the women’s youth, fertility and aging. She has verified and promoted the commercial reagents for the radioimmunoassay of reproductive hormones in China; she is the first to report the diagnosis and treatment experience of various gynecological endocrine diseases, such as the diagnostic path of functional hypothalamic amenorrhea, the experience of pulse therapy to promote fertility, and incomplete 17α hydroxylase deficiency. He presided over the 6th and 7th Gynecological Endocrinology Group of the Chinese Medical Association, standardized the diagnosis and treatment process of various menstrual diseases, and edited the endocrinology chapter of “Chinese Obstetrics and Gynecology”.

▲Although he has retired, Professor Zhang Yiwen still insists on visiting clinics for many years to protect women’s health

Zhang Yiwen’s diligent pursuit and sincere love for medicine also subtly influences children. Qian Wenwei has consciously loved learning since he was a child, and graduated from Beijing Medical University with a bachelor’s degree. The graduate student is under the supervision of Academician Qiu Guixing, a famous orthopedic expert, focusing on joint surgery. After graduating from Ph.D., he did not stop learning. In 2006, Qian Wenwei was sent by the government to the Hospital of Special Surgery (HSS) affiliated to Cornell University School of Medicine in New York, USA, to study artificial knee surgery techniques with Professor Laskin, a famous artificial knee surgeon; The center followed the famous artificial joint surgeon Professor Bourne to study artificial hip and knee joint surgical techniques; in 2013, it went to Lyon, France, and the Mayo Clinic in the United States to study minimally invasive artificial joint replacement technology. After returning to China, Qian Wenwei led the team to gradually carry out artificial intelligence-assisted joint replacement surgery, which effectively improved the accuracy of the surgery and improved the postoperative efficacy.

▲Academician Qiu Guixing (second from right) and Prof. Wenwei Qian (first from left) perform robot-assisted joint replacement surgery

Writing for the people with the love of doctors

“Qian Wenwei’s decision to study medicine is his decision, and I respect his own choice.” In Zhang Yiwen’s view, doctors are a pure and noble profession, and they have very high requirements on practitioners. high. People who practice medicine must have love, compassion, and sense of responsibility for their patients, and everything starts from the interests of the patients. There must be dedication to the medical cause, regardless of personal gains and losses, and persistent lifelong learning. Be careful and conscientious about work, think carefully, and work in an orderly manner. “The body must be healthy, and the mental quality must be good.”

▲Professor Zhang Yiwen (third from right) leads the bedside rounds of the gynecological endocrinology team

In Qian Wenwei’s opinion, studying medicine is his favorite and most natural choice after years of experience in Xiehe Compound. “When I was a child, I only knew that doctors saved the dead and healed the wounded, which was very sacred. Later, I often heard the story of my mother’s treatment and saving lives, and I knew that she was the ‘Guanyin of Sending Children’ passed down by word of mouth. I felt a sense of pride and strengthened my belief in studying medicine.”< /p>

In the summer of 1991, Qian Wenwei did not hesitate to fill in the medical major. In the span of 30 years, the boy who used to be ignorant and longing for has become an elegant and humble professor.

“The patient’s attitude is kind, patient and meticulous, and the success rate of the operation is very high” is the unanimous evaluation of Qian Wenwei by the patients. Just like a good doctor defined by his mother, Qian Wenwei led the team to relieve pain for hundreds of patients, which has effectively improved the quality of life of patients: the unique treatment method allows patients to drink water two hours after the operation, instead of using Wait until 6 hours after surgery; postoperative pain is significantly reduced, and you can get out of bed and walk the next day.

“Fearing life and treating patients like family” is the code of conduct that Qian Wenwei has always adhered to. The rehabilitation of patients after joint surgery is very important, and Qian Wenwei will follow up and guide patients throughout the treatment process. The top of WeChat is four patient groups. Whether in the early morning or late at night, as long as the patient encounters a problem, Qian Wenwei will always try his best to help solve it. Under his guidance, the patients recovered quickly and well through scientific exercise. This year, 90 patients after knee arthroplasty jointly sent a letter of thanks: “Professor Qian has always been by our side, taking care to the end. We are so lucky to have met Professor Qian!”

▲Qian Wenwei visits postoperative patients

Zhang Yiwen and Qian Wenwei’s mother and son are in different departments of the hospital, and they rarely meet each other for many years. But there will always be teachers or colleagues who will mysteriously pat Qian Wenwei on the shoulder at an inadvertent moment, “So your mother is the famous ‘Guan Yin for Sending Children’!” Zhang Yiwen often receives calls from acquaintances, “Dr. Zhang, thank you Your family, Wenwei. I can’t stretch my legs and walk fast for so many years, and it’s like a different person after the operation!” These staggered respects and gratitude are the best of selfless and silent dedication to this family for more than 60 years. Praise.

A family of two generations of doctors, although they grew up in different historical periods, have shouldered their own responsibilities and missions. Like many Xiehe families, they use the Xiehe spirit of “rigorousness, refinement, diligence and dedication” as their family tradition, and use superb medical skills, noble medical ethics and professionalism to interpret the concept of “treating patients like relatives”. Write the eternal pursuit of the Communists “people first, life first” with youth and blood.

Text/Dried bamboo Chen Yan

Photo/Supplied by Sun Liang, Zhang Yiwen, Qian Wenwei

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