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There have been many fan messages in the WeChat background saying:

Since following attention En,

learned a lot of strange obstetrics and gynecology knowledge,

fun or serious, useful or useless,

in short maybe except not In addition to performing surgery on people,

basic obstetrics and gynecology knowledge is stable~

Haha, today’s article,

Enge will continue to promote the unpopular knowledge points of obstetrics and gynecology

——everyone wants to know,

but many People will be ashamed to talk about it

“same room” thing

Enge real person 5-minute “Q&A”


Q&A TextConcise

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How often is better?

It doesn’t really need to be calculated.

The frequency of intercourse is not offline,

There is no explicit requirement for online,

but still See Mental state for the next day.

If the current frequency of intercourse makes you appear the next day

Heaviness, loss of appetite, dizziness, dizziness, etc.

It means that it is a bit excessive,

At this time, even if the desire is strong,

must be restrained.

So it’s actually very simple,

Just be happy.




Vaginal pain during intercourse, what should I do?

Vaginal pain during intercourse can be divided into several situations:

1. Vaginismus

It may be related to the psychology of childhood Trauma-related,

need to be dealt with by psychiatry and obstetrics and gynecology.

2. Reproductive tract developmental malformations

such as hymen atresia, hymen stenosis, etc.,

need to do gynecological examination to determine the treatment method .

3. Vaginitis, Bartholin’s cyst, etc.

These characteristics are once successful,

but later pain.

4. The level of estrogen decreases during menopause

The vaginal mucosa becomes thinner, which makes it easy to hurt.

Enge tells everyone,

The vast majority of vaginal pain in intercourse can be cured,< /strong>

The key is not to avoid the doctor,

to delay the whole life for a momentary embarrassment.




Stomach pain during intercourse, what to do manage?

There are also several cases here.

1. Occasional pain, but the pain is not very severe

It will be fine if you rest and relax by yourself

2. Occasionally, the pain is very severe

It is very likely that there is a physical condition,

such as the ovarian cyst is broken and twisted,

or corpus luteum hemorrhage, etc.,

are more dangerous situations,

Immediate medical attention is recommended.

3. It hurts almost every time, but the degree of pain is average

maybe uterus Endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, etc.,

Although not so urgent,

but also need to go to the hospital.




Vaginal reduction products or surgery,

Can it improve the quality of sex life?

First of all, the efficacy of vaginal shrinking products,

modern medicine is not Yes,

not recommended to take products with unknown ingredients.

Secondly, vaginal reduction surgery is useful,

but the level of doctors varies Inconsistent,

if you find an unreliable hospital or doctor,

let’s not talk about the effect of surgery,

million Once it causes infection,

even rectovaginal fistula (feces leaking out of the vagina),

very troublesome!

Enge recommends an inexpensive and effective method,

—— Kegel exercises,

as long as they persist for many years,

can be very effective in improving satisfaction in this area,

at the same time It can prevent mild to moderate urinary incontinence and uterine prolapse.




HPV infection, can I still have sex?

Yes, but need some measures,

not only to avoid mutual infection, but also to promote the transformation Negative.

1. Don’t stay up late, regular work and rest

2. Ensure moderate exercise,

4-5 days a week, more than half an hour each time

3. Quit smoking and drinking

4. Wear condoms throughout

5. HPV vaccine




Will hysterectomy affect the quality of intercourse?

Medically speaking, no.

Because only the vagina is used in married life,

it will not reach the uterus.




Is there a pure friendship between men and women ?

We talked about so many things about intercourse today,

As an obstetrician, p>

Does Nge think there will be pure friendship between men and women?

Click on the video to see how Enge answers~

The end of love is…


I have a jug of wine,

enough to comfort the dust.

As far as the rivers and seas are,

drinking the world as a gift.


——Small Poems from the Internet

Source: Enge Talking About HealthAuthor: Zou Shien


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