【Beautiful China·Network Media Ecology Tour】Hulunbuir: A Painting of Clear Water and Green Mountains

This article is reprinted from: China Economic Net

China Economic Net Hulunbuir, July 25th (Reporter Yang Xiufeng) From the grasslands of the New Barhu Right Banner scattered with cattle and sheep, to the migratory birds. Asia’s No. 1 Wetland”, then to the lush birch forest, the mist-shrouded Erguna River, the safflower Erji Pinus sylvestris National Forest Park, the vast Yimin River… Hulunbuir in midsummer, the sky is high and the clouds are clear , full of greenery, just like a painting of green water and green mountains.

The picture shows the Ergun River shrouded in fog in the early morning.

The picture shows a grassland with blue sky and green grass.

The picture shows the Tai Chi landscape of Oloqi Manor in Ergun.

The picture shows the Erguna Birch Forest Scenic Spot.

The picture shows the Yimin River under the scorching sun.

The picture shows the outdoor camp in New Barhu Right Banner.

The picture shows the Erguna Wetland, “the first wetland in Asia”.

The picture shows the Ewenki Banner Safflower Erji Pinus sylvestris National Forest Park.

The picture shows the meandering Krulen River in the New Barhu Right Banner.