Zhuhai: Free Clinic Warms Chongyang

Text and photos/Yangcheng Evening News All Media Reporter Zheng Da Correspondent Liu Xing Chen Hailan

On October 4th, the day of the Double Ninth Festival, Zhuhai Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital (The Second People’s Hospital of Zhuhai) held a seminar with the theme of “Caring for the Elderly and Warming Chongyang” in the Yuehua Community of Zhuhai. More than 200 elderly people received free clinic services in the health education and free clinic activities.

Free clinic activities attract many elderly people to participate

“More than 20 doctors and nurses were selected for this free clinic. According to the characteristics of the elderly and community health care, the departments of geriatrics, cardiovascular medicine, endocrinology, orthopedics, general surgery, and preventive health care were arranged. , Department of Infectious Diseases, Social Health Center, etc., I heard that it is the Double Ninth Festival for the elderly, and everyone is eager to sign up.” The organizer of the event, Xu Huichun, secretary of the 13th Party Branch of Zhuhai Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital, said.

At 9 a.m. that morning, many elderly people waited in line in front of the blood pressure and blood sugar measurement locations for the free clinic. “I measure my blood pressure every few days, and it’s just right for a free clinic today.” An Arbo raised his mobile phone and took a picture of the nurse helping him measure his blood pressure and sent it to the WeChat family group, “I want to report to the child that I took the measurement today. .”

In front of Chen Weini, Deputy Director of Endocrinology (Diabetes), an aunt was concentrating on describing her situation. “I’m a fan of Director Chen. I saw the notice of the free clinic a few days ago. I came this morning.” Auntie said with a smile.

On the left, Li Jun, director of the emergency department, is bending over to auscultate a grandmother. “There is a murmur in the heart, and further examination is required.” After listening carefully for a while, Li Jun got up and said to his grandmother. Afraid that grandma could not hear clearly, Li Jun wrote the words “heart murmur” on the leaflet and handed it to her to read to her. In the right corner, Wang Xiaowei, deputy chief physician of the acupuncture department, is giving his third patient today acupuncture. “The society is good now,” said a grizzled grandmother who was waiting beside her.

“Respecting the old and loving the old is a fine tradition of the Chinese nation. Today’s free clinic can be described as a warm heart, which can vigorously carry forward our excellent traditional culture, and at the same time, our medical workers are actively helping to create a civilized city. “Li Shaojie, Secretary of the Party Committee of Zhuhai Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital, visited the medical staff at the free clinic and communicated with elderly patients to understand their physical conditions.

It is understood that the free clinic of Zhuhai Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital on that day treated about 200 patients, most of whom were middle-aged and elderly residents in the surrounding Yuehua community. The popularity of programs such as health counseling means that the awareness of disease prevention among middle-aged and elderly people has been greatly enhanced.

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