Zhangjiajie Municipal Health and Health Commission supervises and guides the establishment of food safety in Yongding District

On-site supervision and guidance by the supervision team.

Red Net Moment News November 24th (Correspondent Liu Hongquan) In order to fully implement the work of creating a national food safety demonstration city to welcome the national inspection, from November 23rd to 24th, Zhangjiajie Zhang Juan, member of the Party Working Committee and deputy director of the Municipal Health and Health Commission, led a team to visit 6 sample canteens including Zhangjiajie People’s Hospital, National Orthopedic Hospital, Yuanguping Town Health Center, and Yanghuping Town Health Center within the jurisdiction of Yongding District. On-site supervision and guidance for the creation of sentinel hospitals.

The supervision team learned more about the establishment of sample canteens and sentinel hospitals in 6 hospitals by checking the scene, checking the ledger, and checking equipment. At the same time, on-site guidance was given on problems in food safety management systems, facilities and equipment, information publicity, funding, account management, publicity and other aspects, and suggestions for rectification were put forward, requiring the six hospitals to fully The rectification is in place.

The supervision team requires that the supervised units should further improve their political positions and realize the urgency of meeting the national inspection work; to further compact their responsibilities, sample canteens and sentinel hospitals should continue to carry out self-examination and self-correction; It is necessary to establish standards and inspection guidelines in strict accordance with the “National Food Safety Demonstration Cities Evaluation Rules” to further standardize the safety control of canteen services and the standardized management of sentinel hospitals; actively publicize and popularize food safety knowledge to ensure the hygiene of the city The establishment of food safety in the health system and the national inspection work were a complete success.

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