Zhang Wenhong was nominated for the only “Grand Prize” in the popular science category of the 2022 Shanghai Science and Technology Awards

According to a comprehensive report from the health community, recently, Shanghai released the announcement of the “2022 Shanghai Science and Technology Award Nomination Results”. The project was nominated as the only “Grand Prize”, and its project was called “National Anti-epidemic and Healthy Life Science Popularization under the New Crown Epidemic”, and the nominating unit was the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission.

Specifically, this project mainly involves a number of popular science books, including “Professor Zhang Wenhong’s Advice on Prevention and Control of Novel Coronavirus” and “Professor Zhang Wenhong’s Advice on Healthy Living under the Normalization of the New Coronary Epidemic” “Brief History of Germs”, “2019 Coronavirus Disease – From Basic to Clinical”, and “Zhang Wenhong’s Talk about Infection”. The authors of these books are Zhang Wenhong, or Zhang Wenhong as chief editor.

Source: Shanghai Association for Science and Technology, Research Master