Zero breakthrough! The first project of Qiaotou Hospital was approved as a key project of municipal social development science and technology

Recently, the Dongguan Science and Technology Bureau announced the evaluation results of the 2022 Dongguan Social Development Technology Project. Zhang Xinghui, associate professor and director of the Department of Stomatology of Qiaotou Hospital, and his research team’s “Analysis of the structure/function and clinical characteristics of upper respiratory tract flora in children with adenoid hypertrophy based on 16S rDNA sequencing” was approved as a key project of social development science and technology in Dongguan in 2022. The cost is 100,000 yuan.

Qiaotou Hospital has a total of 8 projects approved this time, including 7 general projects and 1 key project. In recent years, the Qiaotou Town Party Committee and Town Government and the Town Health and Health Bureau have vigorously promoted high-quality projects. Important achievements in the construction of horizontal hospitals. In particular, Dr. Zhang Xinghui and his research team’s “Analysis of the Structure/Function and Clinical Characteristics of Upper Respiratory Tract Microflora in Children with Adenoid Hypertrophy Based on 16SrDNA Sequencing” has been approved as a key project. The city’s social development science and technology key projects have been funded, and the “zero breakthrough” of key projects has been achieved.

Zhang Xinghui said, “Adenoid hypertrophy is a high incidence of children, with an overall prevalence of about 34% to 70%, and severe cases require surgical treatment. In terms of physiological function, adenoid hypertrophy It will seriously affect the child’s facial development. The normal development of the child’s face will be affected, which will lead to ENT diseases and multi-system damage, and will also seriously hinder the child’s normal social function. Therefore, in order to early and accurately assess adenoid hypertrophy and its complications, To achieve accurate classification of adenoid hypertrophy, predict the risk of disease exacerbation, and develop comprehensive diagnosis and treatment programs such as microflora intervention to reduce the probability of surgery, we chose this topic for research.”

It is understood that the purpose of the study “Analysis of the structure/function and clinical characteristics of upper respiratory tract flora in children with adenoid hypertrophy based on 16SrDNA sequencing” Children’s dental and maxillofacial development and symptoms related to sleep-disordered breathing and various serious complications of OSAHS, such as oral and maxillofacial developmental deformities, growth retardation, inattention, mental decline, cardiac insufficiency and even sudden death, etc. , to provide a reference for the diagnosis and treatment of patients with adenoid hypertrophy in the future, and to improve the clinical efficacy.

Zhang Xinghui said that the project has now entered the first stage. The project participants have been trained, began to consult relevant literature, plan to purchase relevant reagents and consumables, and pre-recruit patients according to the inclusion and exclusion criteria. And so on to work. The follow-up work will be carried out according to the original design plan of the subject, and it is planned to use three years to carry out the research work of this subject in three stages. The research results are expected to provide a basis for the formulation of individualized comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plans, and lay the foundation for the realization of precise diagnosis and treatment of adenoid hypertrophy.

According to Qiaotou Hospital, receiving funding from Dongguan’s key social development science and technology projects is the fruit of the hospital’s efforts to strengthen its talent team and optimize its scientific research management mechanism over the years. In the future, the hospital will increase capital investment to support scientific researchers to carry out basic and cutting-edge scientific and technological research, fully stimulate the scientific research enthusiasm and innovation ability of medical personnel, and strive to create a new situation for the coordinated development of medicine, teaching and research.

【Reporter】Zhu Jin

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