Yu Xiuhua wrote a poem to bid farewell to Shennongjia, causing controversy over the name of Yang Yuce’s father, netizens: self-indulgent

Yang Yuce and Yu Xiuhua have been very controversial on the Internet from the very beginning. One of them is a poet with cerebral palsy and the other is a beekeeper. They are people from two worlds, but they came together because of “poetry”.

Likes and careers are two different things. They have had different experiences. Their relationship lasted only half a year, and it came to an end because of “domestic violence”. Afterwards, Yang Yuce found a new love, and Yu Xiuhua came out of grief!

Before breaking up, Yu Xiuhua made a plan to spend a lifetime with Yang Yance I planned to move from Hengdian to Shennongjia, and finally packed up the two people’s hut, but it was a pity that they didn’t go together.

After the storm passed, Yu Xiuhua’s mood also calmed down, so she wrote a poem to bid farewell to her favorite Shennongjia, and also wrote a sentence to this relationship. As a result, in a long poem, there was no mention of Yang Hauce, but the name of Xiao Yang’s father caused a lot of controversy.

The title of this collection of poems is “Goodbye, Shennongjia”, Yu Xiuhua will see Shennongjia for the first time, and what happened here, all Writing it out makes people feel like they are there even though they haven’t been to Shennongjia yet.

When she finally mentioned Yang Yuce’s father, she didn’t call her father by a very unfamiliar name, but directly said “goodbye, dear father”. My dad is “father”, so it’s a little too rushed!

Perhaps Yu Xiuhua and her former father-in-law get along very well, but after all, she and Yang Hauce After separation, it is better to keep the boundaries, and can no longer call others “dear father”, which makes you seem to have no status.

After seeing it, the netizens directly fry the pot in the comment area. Most of them complain about Yu Xiuhua’s “self-love”. In her mind, Yang Yuce’s father is very good, but when she suffered from Yang Yuce’s “domestic violence” , why didn’t this “dear father” stand up and speak for her? In that case, why do you have to read other people’s good words, aren’t you slapping yourself in the face?

Break up, people and things related to the other party should be replaced by strangers, and you should treat them with a strange attitude. Don’t think that if you are sweeter, you can get something, but in the end, there will be nothing.

In the eyes of Yu Xiuhua’s fans, breaking up and calling the man’s father “father” is a very high-profile behavior, but netizens don’t think so. It doesn’t mean that she is reposting, or that she is beating herself. .

From the moment this collection of poems is published, it means that Yu Xiuhua and Yang Haoce have become the past tense. I hope she can correct her attitude. The new ones won’t come. With her fame and talent, she can find a better man, not bad for Yang Hauce. The premise is that Yu Xiuhua must have self-confidence and not be too inferior, which will only waste all of his talents.

Love is a matter of two people. It can’t be one person’s fault if something goes wrong. I can only hope that Yang Yuce and Yu Xiuhua will stop disturbing each other and just live their own lives.

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