Young doctoral students from Shandong Jianzhu University compare lectures online

On November 24, 2022, the School of Computer Science and Technology of Shandong Jianzhu University held the 2022 Young Teacher Lecture Competition. The new way of online competition in this competition is to conduct online competitions, real-time demonstrations, online comments and scoring by judges.

The contestants are all colleges The young doctors introduced in recent years not only have excellent scientific research capabilities, but also strive to combine new technologies in the scientific research field with teaching. Although some teachers’ teaching skills are still a little green, they carefully design each teaching segment, make exquisite teaching courseware, and use various means to display teaching methods, all of which reflect their careful study in teaching.

The judges this time are from the heads of various majors, teaching supervisors and team members of the college. After each contestant finished speaking, the judges gave encouragement and guidance to the content of the contestant’s lecture. After the competition, Sun Qian, the school’s previous winner of the “Top Ten Teaching Experts” and representing the school in provincial youth teaching competitions and innovation competitions, shared her experience and experience with the contestants.

(Source of Manuscript: Text by Shandong Jianzhu University/Liu Nan)