You may be in vain if you don’t watch the sunrise and sunset in Hainan!

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When it comes to Hainan, guess what you think of is Sanya, the sea, the sun, the beach, beauties, seafood, and some marine water sports. Or it is a series of labels such as fresh air, simple people, low prices, suitable for retirement, or low housing prices. Besides Sanya, what else do you know about Hainan? You or have you really been to Hainan? Taking advantage of the summer vacation time, let me, a native of Hainan, tell you where it is more fun and cost-effective.

Ledong Jianfengling, Hainan

Ledong Li Autonomous County has a long history and a long history of culture. According to the identification of the Han Dynasty silver seal “Zhu Luzhi” unearthed in the county, as early as more than 2,000 years ago, the ancestors of the Li nationality worked and lived on this land. “Hometown of Art” (paper-cutting, lanterns), the Li nationality cotton textile technology in Qianjia Town, and the Li nationality hemp textile technology in Zhizhong Town, as the traditional spinning, dyeing, weaving and embroidery skills of the Li nationality, and Yazhou folk songs were included in Hainan Province. Intangible Cultural Heritage List”; the territory is connected by railways and expressways (the west line around the island), and it is close to Sanya Port, Basuo Port and Sanya Phoenix International Airport.

Ledong Jianfengling

Jianfengling National Forest Park, becoming the first tropical rainforest in New China The characteristic National Forest Park is one of the largest and best-preserved tropical virgin forests in China, and was rated as one of the “Top Ten Most Beautiful Forest Parks in China” in 2005.

Usually on weekends, many people will choose to go to their destination to climb the mountain at 12:00 in the morning. Everyone says that they must see the sunrise of the Ledong Sea of ​​Clouds once in their lives, in order to witness the sunrise and the sea of ​​clouds on the top of the mountain. How beautiful is this scene? It can be said that it seems as if he is riding the clouds and driving the fog, sitting and watching the clouds rise. At this time, it is not too much to say that he is an immortal.

see Isn’t it a little exciting here? It is unbelievable that such a spectacle can be seen on the spot. And it’s real. Every time I see the video of climbing Jianfengling, my heart is about to move. 10,000 trips that want to go and leave, but I don’t have the confidence to piece together and watch, watch, and watch. The above picture is a picture of the personal experience of a big islander netizen. But are you also moved? I made a road map for you.

Self-driving tour method: This is relatively simple, direct navigation, Ledong Jianfengling National Forest Park is more convenient. This is also a recommended way to play. After buying the ticket, it takes a while to drive to the climbing point.

: The way to take the motor car: from Haikou, get off at Jianfengling Station and take a car to a hotel near the foot of Jianfengling Mountain for a short rest. You can also rent a car locally. You need to drive up the mountain for a certain distance. It is not recommended to hike. , After all, there are more than ten kilometers of road to reach from the ticket point to the mountaineering point.

Tickets: 55 per person, 30 if you have a student ID.

Necessary items:

The temperature difference between day and night in the clothes mountain is relatively large, and the temperature in the early morning is relatively low. A fall jacket is recommended.

Sneakers are recommended. Flashlight, wear long pants (there are many mosquitoes), you can carry some dry food biscuits, and water for emergency. If you have low blood sugar, you can bring some candy by your side.

Wenchang Tongguling

Tongguling is a scenic spot in Hainan, located in Longlou Town, Wenchang City, Hainan Province, 40 kilometers away from Wenchang City. The center, including Qishui Bay, Moon Bay, Stone Park, Baoling River, Yunlong Bay, Tai’ao Bay, etc., forms Tongguling National Nature Reserve. Tongguling is connected to the inland in the west and the South China Sea in the east. Tongguling stretches for more than 20 kilometers and is the easternmost corner of Hainan. The mountains and stones here are strange, the legend is moving, and it is known as theThe reputation of “the first peak of Qiongdong”. The main peak of Tongguling is 338 meters above sea level. Not much to say on the picture

View from the top of the mountain Yes, it is the tooth scene of this crescent moon, and you need to buy tickets. People who queue up to buy tickets on the spot may recommend buying tickets online, but be sure to buy them one hour in advance.

It takes an hour to walk from the bottom of the mountain to the top of the mountain, plus it is going up the mountain, so it is very physically exhausting. It is recommended to buy a ticket for the uphill, and then it will be better to go down and not be very tired.

Tongguling is located in Longlou Town, Wenchang, which is also the place to watch the rocket launch. Wenchang City is about 30 kilometers away from Nonglong Town, and it should take about 30 minutes to reach by car. Here you can watch the sunrise or some people choose to watch the sunset, depending on personal preference and desired timing. There is Haige Beach here, usually people come to play more in person, with children. Promise me that after watching the sunrise, I must go back to town for a piece of Dad Tea. It is also a good experience. Wenchang Dad Tea is still very famous.

Hainan Changjiang Qizi Bay

Changjiang Qiziwan National Marine Park (full name: Hainan Changjiang Qiziwan National Marine Park) is protected Hainan ProvinceChangjiang Li Autonomous CountyNear Qizi Bay Sea area ecological environment and marine resources.

The Qizi Bay in the park is one of the most famous scenic spots in Changjiang. To a certain extent, Qizi Bay has become the business card of the coastal city of Changjiang and one of the preferred scenic spots for tourists to Changjiang. Qiziwan Tourist Resort is rich in tourism resources, with beautiful natural landscapes, unique cultural landscapes, as well as modern Chinese historical relics, with a solid tourism foundation.

This is more recommended. You like the sea, but you don’t like crowded places. You can come here if you like quiet vacations. There are hotels that can be booked in advance, and breakfast is also included.

It is recommended to take pictures of the sunset, preferably at 4:30 to the seaside to prepare photo tools . Because the sun goes down really fast. yIf you come here to eat, you can drive to Changhua Town to eat seafood orGo back to Shilu Town on the Yangtze River to eat the local delicacy of Honglin Laoya, and you can also stroll around Renmin North Road on the Yangtze River at night to eat a bowl of local refreshing.