You can lower blood sugar without reducing the amount of food you eat; it is recommended to try it

New study: Eat vegetables first to stabilize blood sugarA recent large diabetic diet study found: Ask the diabetic to eat a plate of vegetables first, followed by other dishes, and then the last dish with rice. The patients’ blood sugar levels were then tracked at each time point from before meals to 4 hours after meals, and it was found that eating vegetables first could significantly reduce postprandial blood sugar spikes. During the two-and-a-half-year follow-up study, the blood sugar fluctuations of the patients who took the food first were significantly reduced. glycemic meal ordermeal→ Meat→vegetables→soup→fruits after mealMost people eat like this, so their blood sugar is unstable. See what’s wrong? 1, if you are very hungry, eat first, you must eat too much, resulting in excessive carbohydrates and rapid rise in blood sugar. 2, meat dishes are more delicious, and meat dishes are even more reluctant to eat green vegetables. Resulting in less vegetables, high fat intake. 3, it seems reasonable to eat a bowl of soup when you are full, and eat a fruit to relieve greasy, but the result is overeating and high blood sugar. Sugar meal orderSoup→Green vegetables→Rice→Meat→2Fruit after hours1 .   Drink soup before meals, especially recommend hot soup, which not only warms the stomach, but also relieves hunger, avoids wolf. The soup should be light and light. 2. Eat vegetables rich in dietary fiber after drinking soup, which not only increases satiety, but also You can also unconsciously reduce the intake of staple foods. 3. The staple food should be matched in thickness and thickness. eat more coarse grains rich in dietary fiber such as millet and wotou. These coarse grains are digested slowly in the stomach. It can effectively inhibit the rise of blood sugar after meals for people with diabetes. 4.Meat should be eaten after the main meal. After eating a certain amount of staple food, the meat intake will naturally decrease accordingly, thereby reducing the fat intake. In addition, it is best to use a lighter cooking method and avoid deep frying. 5. Eat fruit two hours after meals. If you eat fruit immediately after a meal, first, the fructose in the fruit does not need to be digested and is directly absorbed, which will immediately increase the postprandial blood sugar. Second, starch and protein will hinder the digestion of fruits, causing abdominal distension, diarrhea, constipation and other symptoms. Order of Bento strong>side dishes→cooked vegetables→meat→main food→2fruits after hourssugar friends at work , If you eat lunch at noon, if there are side dishes in the lunch, you can eat a little less first, then eat stew or stir-fry, and then eat meat or fish. Main food must be putEat at the end, which can reduce the intake of staple food. It is best to refer to pre-meal blood sugarSometimes you also need to decide the order of meals according to your blood sugar, such as If you have exercised for a long time before meals and your blood sugar is already at a low level of 5mmol/L, you should eat carbohydrates with a high glycemic index first, so as to facilitate the rapid rise of blood sugar and prevent hypoglycemia. When your pre-meal blood sugar is at 8mmol/L, in addition to adjusting the time interval between taking medicine or insulin injection and meal to 40~60 minutes (depending on blood sugar), you should also adjust carbohydrates appropriately. Postponed intake.

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