Yinchuan adds 1 new case related to asymptomatic infection returning from overseas

In the early morning of April 28, Yinchuan City, Ningxia detected a positive person for the new coronavirus at a centralized isolation point, and the re-examination by the Autonomous Region Center for Disease Control and Prevention was still positive. The positive person was an asymptomatic infected person who returned from abroad on April 24 and was in close contact with the carriage. He has been transferred to the Fourth People’s Hospital of the Autonomous Region for isolation and diagnosis and treatment, and was diagnosed as an asymptomatic infection of the new coronavirus by the diagnosis and treatment expert group of the autonomous region. The positive person, male, 24 years old, the flow survey results show that his activity trajectory is as follows: At 7:11 on April 24, he took the G1909 train from Tengzhou City, Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province to Yinchuan, seat number 02, carriage 014F. 15:52 Arrive at Yinchuan Railway Station, walk out of the railway station to Yinchuan Second People’s Hospital for nucleic acid testing, then take a taxi (Ning AT0252) to Unit 2, Building 5, Ruijingjiayuan Second District, Jinfeng District at 16:50 residence. 18:20 Walk to Yinchen Beef Noodle Restaurant on Mancheng South Street for dinner. 18:50 Walk to the Kewang Life Supermarket in the second district of Ruijingjiayuan, Jinfeng District. 19:17 Walk back to the residence in the second area of ​​Ruijingjiayuan, Jinfeng District. 20:27 Walk downstairs, collect daily necessities for delivery, return to the residence, and never go out again. In the early morning of April 25, closed-loop transfer to a centralized isolation hotel. During the centralized isolation period, the first three nucleic acid tests were negative. (Wang Jianhong and Zhang Wenpan, an all-media reporter from Guangming Daily)

Source: Guangming Daily