Yaoyao green, scorching Qihong I Tianzhihong works together to pick tea to help the relief

April is the most beautiful month in the world, and April is also the busiest tea season. The origin of Qimen black tea, “the hometown of Qihong” Qimen, a sudden epidemic has disturbed the busy town. For more than a week before and after, in order to cooperate with the epidemic prevention, static management of the flow of people and logistics was implemented.

The spring sunshine is still warm, shining on the mountains and rivers for thousands of miles, and the tea gardens all over the mountains are green and green tender. The new tea buds look the same every day, still full of joy, eagerly looking forward to people picking them, entering the workshop and transforming into Qi Hong, and completing their life mission.

Faced with the wildly growing tea buds in the mountains, the president of Keemun Black Tea Association, Wang Chang, chairman of Tianzhihong, saw it in his eyes and was anxious in his heart. He is well aware that what is behind this piece of green is not only corporate benefits, but also the livelihood of thousands of people. He called on Qihong tea companies and tea people to take multiple measures to help each other in the face of the epidemic situation, and to take responsibility consciously and to be brave in self-help.

According to the practice of previous years, Tianzhihong will also organize employees to participate in the experience in batches The work of picking tea and making tea allows employees to experience how Qimen black tea changes from green to bright red. Experience activities can enable employees to learn more about tea knowledge and tea culture, feel the spirit of tea, and strengthen their understanding and love of work and life.

Because I like it, I want to know it; because I understand it, I like it even more! Experience activities have also been popular with employees. In the face of the sudden outbreak of the epidemic this year and the urgency of tea matters, the company regards the experience activities in previous years as an important task, and calls on Tianzhihong employees to consciously devote themselves to the tea picking work, race against time, overcome the epidemic with actions, and ensure that all fresh tea leaves are collected. Let the pieces of green turn into cups and cups of Qihong.

Party members and leaders of the company took the lead, employees responded enthusiastically and actively participated in tea picking Coming from the “epidemic”. The employees are led by experienced masters in batches, leaving early and returning late, and the company has a special person who is responsible for food delivery. Working in the tea garden, eating and drinking in the field, and busy picking tea all day long is a big test for many young employees.

At the end of work, Manager Xie of the Operations Department pointed his finger at the tea basket and said : “Look, my fingers are all torn, my waist is sore and my legs are swollen and my eyes are swollen. Fortunately, I picked so many tea buds, and I didn’t let them stay on the tea branches in vain. I am very satisfied. Next time I can drink it. When it comes to the tea I picked by myself, the taste is definitely different; I will also tell those familiar customers that there is tea I picked by myself.”

Staff pick tea regardless of the weather The activity will continue, just to ensure that no new sprouts are wasted. Pieces of new tea, absorbing the essence of the sun and the moon, containing the charm of mountains and rivers, grow freely under the spring wind and rain; The life of the sprout will be resurrected and bloom vigorously under the stirring of boiling water.

Blue and green, Qi Hong is shining! Living up to the glory of spring and growth, this is the glory of tea life; in the face of difficulties, it is the courage of Tian Zhihong; It is the pride of the employees to work hard and sublimate themselves by achieving tea.

Under the epidemic, not only the green and free-growing life, but also us Persevere in yearning and never give up!