Yang Wanli’s poem is selected into elementary school textbooks every year. Every sentence is very beautiful and worth reading.

Yang Wanli was a famous poet in the Southern Song Dynasty, some classic works can be It is said that all women and children know it, such as “Little Pond”, “Dawning out of Jingci Temple and Sending Lin Zifang”, “Xugongdian in Suxin City”, “A Boat Passing Anren”, etc., they are all rare classics, and these works are all famous. It is included in elementary school textbooks, so even a elementary school student can recite his works by heart. Although the Song Dynasty was known to the world for its ci names, the poems of this period were equally unique, and Yang Wanli’s poems were of their own, often seeming to be ordinary works, but full of poetic and pictorial meaning, they were also catchy to read. , it will give you a sense of being there.

The beauty of poetry still lies in artistic conception, which has important requirements for the poet’s writing skills, and Yang Wanli His poems seem to be easy to come by, and they are often written very beautifully, especially his famous “Little Pond”. The whole poem has a beautiful artistic conception. Although it only describes ordinary scenery and ordinary things, every sentence is It is a classic, and every sentence is also very beautiful; in addition, this poem is also included in the textbook of elementary school, so no matter how many times we have read it in the past, it is worth reading again and again.

“Little Pond”

Song Dynasty: Yang Wanli

The spring eye silently cherishes the trickle, the shade of the tree shines on the water and loves the softness.

Little Lotus just showed her sharp horns, and a dragonfly has long been standing on her head.

When I was little, I just thought this poem was beautiful, nothing special, but When I read it when I grow up, I suddenly find that this poem is actually unique, written very concisely, but also full of poetic and picturesque. Yang Wanli is also second only to Lu You in the “Four Great Masters of ZTE”. In this song “Little Pond”, he used a very delicate brushstroke to write a completely different beauty, although only four short sentences, a total of two Eighteen words, but each sentence is a classic sentence, and it is also catchy to read. This is also the most unique part of Yang Wanli’s poems.

Although Yang Wanli was born in an ordinary rural family, through his own efforts, he eventually became a generation of Wenzong, Many of his works are well-known. In this “Little Pond”, he creates a unique beauty through a very delicate description of what he sees, which is why this poem can be moved. Our reason. Just literally, it’s unique and poetic everywhere.

The first and second sentences are very interesting and beautiful. Flow, the shade of the tree shines on the water and loves the softness.” These two sentences are also easier to understand. It roughly means that the water in the spring is silent, and it is precisely because of the reluctance of the thin water flow that the shade of the tree reflected in the water, I like the scenery on this sunny day the most, as well as the soft wind. These two sentences are completely in the scene, and the writing is extremely interesting, and it makes people feel immersed in the situation when they are read.

The third and fourth sentences are even more beautiful. The poet further described what he saw. “The little lotus has a sharp horn and a dragonfly has long been standing on it.” The lotus in the pond has just been It bloomed and opened up small sharp corners, but at this time, there were already dragonflies standing on it. Although these two sentences are equally realistic, they are unique. The poet uses a more delicate brushstroke to describe the observed things more vividly.

Many of Yang Wanli’s poems are vivid and interesting, and they are written extremely beautifully , In this song “Little Pond”, what he sees in real life is just so handy, but it is written very vividly. If you live in the countryside, I believe that you must be very familiar with such things. Whenever early summer begins, the lotus flowers in the pond begin to bloom, and there will be dragonflies standing on the lotus flowers at this time. This was originally a very common thing, but after the poet’s description, it is full of poetry, and it is really amazing to read. This kind of work looks ordinary, but as long as you take a closer look, you can most discover the unique beauty in poetry.