Yan’an-Yulin Cultural Tourism Promotion Conference was held in Xi’an and launched the “Beautiful Scenery of Northern Shaanxi” Yanyu Tourism Season First Mission

This article is from: China Daily

We sincerely invite customers from all over the world to be optimistic about Shaanxi North beautiful scenery. On July 25, the Yan’an-Yulin Cultural Tourism Promotion Conference “Beautiful Scenery in Northern Shaanxi” was held in Xi’an, hosted by the Yan’an Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government, Yulin Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, and jointly organized by the Propaganda Department of the two municipal Party committees and the Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism. The first group of the Yanyu Tourism Season of “Beautiful Scenery in Northern Shaanxi” was launched. The meeting was presided over by Shan Shuping, Member of the Standing Committee of the Yulin Municipal Party Committee and Minister of the Propaganda Department. Yang Honglan, Member of the Standing Committee of the Yan’an Municipal Party Committee and Minister of the Propaganda Department delivered a speech. Leaders of relevant provincial departments such as the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, and the Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles and cultural celebrities from northern Shaanxi were invited to attend. .

Shan Shuping, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Yulin Municipal Committee and head of the Propaganda Department, presided over the promotion meeting

Yang Honglan, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Yan’an Municipal Committee and head of the Propaganda Department, delivered a speech at the promotion meeting

At the promotion meeting, the extension Yu and Yu respectively introduced the city’s cultural tourism industry projects and policies, as well as three boutique cultural tourism routes, namely Red Culture, Yellow River Culture and Loess Culture Tour, which were carefully selected and jointly launched by the two cities. tourist attractions, famous scenic spots and revolutionary sites. The launch of these boutique routes, excellent projects and preferential policies will attract tourists and entrepreneurs from all over the country to have a deep understanding of, visit and invest in northern Shaanxi, and promote the high-quality development of the cultural tourism industry. At the event site, cultural and tourism brand activities such as characteristic cultural and creative products with cultural elements of northern Shaanxi, traditional intangible cultural heritage products, cultural tourism scenic spots, etc. Ye Qiangqiang, Guo Tao and other well-known singers in Yanyu and Yu took the stage to sing songs such as “Tears in the Wine Glass” and “A Pair of Mandarin Ducks Floating on the Water”. The jubilant waist drums and lively Yangko perfectly presented Shaanxi The unique charm of northern culture.

Yan’an-Yulin Cultural Tourism Promotion Conference Signing Ceremony

Photograph of the launching ceremony of the first group of Yanyu tourism season: Wang Zhi

Yan’an and Yulin also signed a cooperation agreement on cultural tourism A series of cooperation agreements or cooperation framework agreements have been made, such as the coordinated development of culture and tourism in northern Shaanxi, the 2023 Yanyu (Great Northern Shaanxi) Spring Festival Gala, and the TV character special program “Northern Shaanxi People Out of Hometown”. At the same time, the Northern Shaanxi Cultural Tourism Alliance and Shaanxi National Railway Travel Service Media Group Co., Ltd. signed a tourism special train cooperation agreement. The participating companies also signed a strategic cooperation agreement on the construction of a cultural brand of “Northern Shaanxi”, a cooperation agreement on mutual benefit of customer sources, a cooperation agreement on Shanghai-Yu air travel services, and a cooperation agreement on special tourism trains in Guanzhong, southern Shaanxi and northern Shaanxi.

It is understood that Yan’an and Yulin are located on the Loess Plateau, collectively referred to as “Northern Shaanxi”. Adjacent, with the same culture and similar customs, the region has profound historical culture, red revolutionary culture and loess customs cultural resources. Historically, the two places have been economically interconnected, and population migration has been frequent. With you” development form. In the new era, with the advancement of major national strategies such as the “Belt and Road Initiative”, ecological protection of the Yellow River Basin, and high-quality development, the two places will increase cultural exchanges and cooperation through government guidance, cultural first, and multi-party participation, and jointly build the culture of northern Shaanxi. The brand is of great significance for protecting and inheriting the Chinese culture, prospering and developing the cultural undertakings and cultural industries of the two places, and promoting the high-quality economic and social development of Yanyu.