Xinshang|Strolling in the night market for a holiday style: straw bag

The best straw bag for vacation must have a ranking. Looking at the coolness, the holiday atmosphere of the tropical area is blowing in the face, even if the style of the clutch bag has been used for a long time, the hands will not feel hot, and you can enjoy a unique sense of relaxation in the sun.

After straw bags became popular in the 1960s, various brands have It has also launched a lot of straw woven items. The raw materials include corn husks, Vietnamese aquatic plants (very suitable for use in the rainy season), and the most common wheat straw and raffia, all of which are environmentally friendly and easy to recycle, just in line with recent years. Environmental protection trend, but also very wear-resistant. If you wear a relatively basic item, you will be amazed immediately with a straw bag. (Little Snow)