Xinmin Kuaiping|The warmth and seriousness of not wanting to say goodbye

The algorithm has always sent some tweets full of “memories killing” these days, keywords such as “old foundation”, “Xiaochengguang”, “at that time”, and so on. Xu Shi saw that I was “deeply trapped” in various live broadcasts, short videos and graphic reports about Shanghai’s comprehensive completion of the 30-year-old secondary old house renovation last weekend. .

Caption: After 30 years, the central area of ​​Shanghai has become a second-class old city Xinmin Evening News reporter Sun Zhongqin/Photo by Xinmin Evening News

I don’t know if neuroscience can find an explanation in cell signaling pathways or other scientific paths However, people’s memories often have a peculiar filter: the hardships and sufferings of the past seem to be easily handled by soft light, and the good things in the past always have their own highlights. Therefore, in the narration of Shanghai gossip, in the environment of Shikumen alleys, the listeners, viewers and readers feel all kinds of reluctance – it is full of longing for the future life in the new house, full of emotions There are countless strands of reluctance in the nooks and crannies of my life; it is the reluctance to bear the common memories of those growing pains left in the dwelling years, the little luck of being a dojo in the snail shell, and the common memory of distant relatives being inferior to near neighbors.

It is the hot summer of “one day in the world”, and it is also the best time to “play the old Shanghai story”. The sound of brushing the toilet one after another in the old Qing Dynasty, the taste of iced cocoa milk and happy cola, purple ice cream and mung bean popsicles, moving a chaise longue and swinging a fan on the street to enjoy the cool breeze is the summer biological clock in the middle of the night… Who hasn’t What about a childhood growing up in a Shikumen alley?

When Zhejiang Road and Bridge were renovated, I wrote the story of “Grandma Bridge” with emotion; I also wanted to write something every year, research and record the old The story of the house. I wrote about Xu Yuan and the twisted house on Haining Road, which never left a mark, but I stopped writing about it, and I wanted to drown in my daily work and life. When it was said that the alma mater of the elementary school was going to be relocated, I went back and took pictures of the surrounding alleys and the way to school. Girlfriends said that they wanted to go together several times, but they all gave up because of such busyness. There is always an excuse in my heart: Who hasn’t had a childhood growing up in a Shikumen alley? Similar private memories will always be remembered. As he spoke, he realized that it was not true. Urban renewal, the change of years, with the continuous advancement of the renovation of old buildings, in this city, more and more childhoods no longer grow up in alleys. After saying goodbye to the cramped old house, do people also want to say goodbye to the warmth and seriousness of living a good life in the old house?

I have watched a documentary about the past of the Riverside Building. In addition to describing the grand occasion of the “Far East First Apartment”, it also recorded the short-term trivia of the residents and parents in the building. In the reports on the renovation of old buildings in the past few years, I have also seen many video materials specially freezed for residents in many places. I think the faces in those shots and the protagonists in the story are lucky. Cities have precious historical materials and objective records of various dimensions; and people living in cities also have their own private memories, subjective narratives that are not necessarily accurate but must be vivid. I think these are unforgettable memories that belong to this city. Perhaps, we can do something to keep those private memories and the beautiful appearance of those struggling years for those who are about to move to a new house.

Dong Chunlei/Text