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policy supervision

1, country The Food and Drug Administration issued the “Regulations on the Administration of Vaccine Production and Circulation” to strictly control new vaccine production enterprises.

With the implementation of the “Regulations”, the industry regulatory policy will be further improved, the threshold for enterprises to enter the industry will be higher, and the scale of Smaller companies with fewer products may face more severe pressure.

2, 2020 National Public Hospital Performance Evaluation Results Announced: Key Monitoring, Adjuvant Drug Proportion Declining span>

It is worth noting that in the secondary public hospitals, the proportion of key monitoring drugs revenue accounted for 2.08%, a decrease of 3.55% compared with 2019, and the key monitoring high-value medical consumables accounted for 33.8%, an increase of 1.21% %. In tertiary public hospitals, the proportion of essential drug prescriptions for outpatients and the utilization rate of essential drugs for inpatients were 54.50% and 95.63%, respectively, both increased compared with 2019. The proportion of auxiliary drug revenue was 1.72%, a decrease of 2.7% compared with 2019. .

3, 11 departments jointly issued a document: Further promote the development of the combination of medical care and health care< /p>

The “Opinions” put forward the development of home-community combined medical and elderly care services. Actively provide home medical services, promote “Internet + medical health” and “Internet + nursing services”, and provide convenient home medical services for the elderly in need in innovative ways. Medical and health institutions are encouraged to set up medical service sites in elder care service institutions in accordance with laws and regulations.

4. The Blue Book of Traditional Chinese Medicine Supervision: In 2021, new Chinese medicines will be approved for nearly 5 years New High

Data shows that 12 new Chinese medicines will be approved for marketing in 2021, the most approved year for new Chinese medicines in the past five years , 3 of which are derived from ancient classic prescriptions, and 8 are developed on the basis of clinical experience. In addition, the Blue Book also pointed out that in the registration of new drug clinical trials in 2021, there are 78 traditional Chinese medicines, an increase of 16.4% over 2020.

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Tendering and Procurement

< strong>1. The results of the seventh batch of national procurement will be announced, with an average decrease of 48%

This national procurement involves 31 For medicines in the disease category, 60 kinds of medicines were successfully purchased, and 327 products from 217 companies were finally selected, with an average price reduction of 48%

2. The third batch of nationally organized high-value consumables for orthopaedic spine products was officially launched, emphasizing “national supply capacity”

On July 12, the state organized the joint procurement platform of medical consumables to issue the “State Organization Orthopaedic Spine Consumables Centralized Procurement Announcement”, marking the official launch of the national orthopedic spine centralized procurement.

New drug launch

1. Tralacciril Hydrochloride for Injection

On July 13, the State Food and Drug Administration announced The innovative drug Triracciril introduced by the pharmaceutical industry was officially approved in China.

2. Putlimumab Injection (Puyouheng)< /span>

On July 22, the official website of the State Food and Drug Administration announced that Lepu Bio’s PD-1 Pitlimumab injection was officially approved for marketing.

3, Azvudine Tablets

On July 25, the official website of the State Food and Drug Administration announced that the increase of real biological azvudine was approved under emergency conditions. The registration application for new coronary pneumonia indications has become the first domestic small molecule new coronavirus pneumonia treatment drug approved for marketing.

4. Entratinib Capsules

On July 29, the official website of the State Food and Drug Administration announced that Roche’s entrectinib capsules were officially approved for marketing. This application is for the treatment of NTRK fusion-positive locally advanced or metastatic solid tumors.

Dynamics of pharmaceutical companies

1. AstraZeneca plans to acquire Teneo Two for US$1.27 billion, laying out bispecific molecules2. BeiGene and Shenxin Biological reached a strategic cooperation to jointly develop innovative mRNA products3 , GlaxoSmithKline acquired Sierra Oncology for US$1.9 billion, expanding the field of blood therapy , reached a partnership with Orion5. Johnson & Johnson’s 2022H1 revenue was US$47.4 billion, and its net profit fell by 20.1% 6. Novartis 2022H1 revenue of US$25.3 billion, net profit down 21%7 , Biogen 2022H1 revenue of 5.1 billion US dollars, multiple sclerosis business revenue declined

8, Roche 2022H1 revenue of 32.295 billion Swiss francs, Profit up 12%

Chain Focus

1. New regulations for pharmacies Promulgated, with a maximum fine of 3 million

The new regulations require that pharmacies must clearly mark the price, prohibit charging fees other than the marked price, and strictly prohibit price gouging and price gouging; activities Promotion, fictitious price comparison information is strictly prohibited. At the same time, 8 acts of price gouging were also listed, with up to 3 million fines.

2. The first “supermarket chain + pharmacy” store in Jiangxi was approved to open

Compared with traditional pharmacies, chain convenience stores have the characteristics of long operating hours and high store density, which can meet the needs of 24-hour daily medication. The chain supermarket + pharmacy model not only broadens the channels for consumers to purchase medicines and facilitates consumers’ demand for medicines, but also allows enterprises to expand their own business scale and increase operating income.

Market Analysis ReportClick the analysis report title, View content directlyChina Pharmaceutical E-commerce-B2C Market Analysis (May data)China Pharmaceutical E-commerce-O2O Market Analysis (May data)< span>Analysis of China’s Pharmaceutical Retail Pharmacy Market (May Data)

Special Research

Click the title below to view the content directly1. Influenza has been in China for 10 years The highest peak, which medical fields should we pay attention to? 2. The first domestic small molecule new crown drug – real biological azvudine was approved!


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