Xinjiang: Yining City added 8 high-risk areas and 4 medium-risk areas

According to the latest report of the Yining City Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Headquarters, Yining City has added 8 high-risk areas, namely Ningyuan, according to the provisions of the “New Coronavirus Pneumonia Prevention and Control Plan” (ninth edition) and comprehensive evaluation by experts. Junhuaihuayuan Building 3, Brick Factory Development Township Lane 18, Yujin Huating Building 8, Lane 9, Lane 9, Xinlu Street, Yingmaili Village, Tashikerike Township, Lane 14, Bayandai Town Aluminum Factory -Yard No. 2, Lane 21 of Xinhua East Road, San Duan Village of Bayandai Town, Lane 9 of Ying Ayati Street; 4 new medium-risk areas, namely the banquet hall on the second floor of Huansen Hotel, South Ring Road, Bayandai Town Group 4 of Dunbaza Village, Building 7 of Sunshine Lijing Community and Wuzidia Farmhouse on Yili River Road.

(Headquarters reporter Tian Tong, Cui Ning, and Bu Peng)

Source: CCTV News