Xinhua Omnimedia+ | Over 28,000 TCM clinics have been registered. Over the past decade, the advantages of TCM in my country have been continuously demonstrated

This article is from: Xinhua News Agency

The press conference of the National Health Commission. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Tian Xiaohang

There are more than 28,000 registered traditional Chinese medicine clinics nationwide, and more than 80% of county-level areas have set up county-level traditional Chinese medicine hospitals… The reporter learned from the press conference held by the National Health and Health Commission on August 2 In the past ten years, my country’s traditional Chinese medicine service capabilities have been continuously improved, and the characteristics and advantages of traditional Chinese medicine have been further demonstrated.

Zhao Wenhua, deputy director of the Department of Medical Affairs of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, introduced that in the past ten years, my country has strengthened the leading role of county-level traditional Chinese medicine hospitals, continued to promote the construction of traditional Chinese medicine halls, and strengthened the traditional Chinese medicine departments of county-level non-TCM medical institutions. Build and encourage social forces to start TCM services at the grass-roots level, and consolidate the TCM service network at the grass-roots level.

The data from the press conference shows that as of June 2022, there were a total of 28,280 registered TCM clinics nationwide. At present, more than 98% of community and township medical and health institutions are able to provide traditional Chinese medicine services.

At the same time, traditional Chinese medicine has provided more services with less resources in deepening the medical reform, amplifying the effect of benefiting the people. Zhao Wenhua introduced that my country pays attention to the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine and encourages traditional Chinese medicine hospitals to take the lead in forming medical alliances. 68% of the TCM hospitals in the pilot counties (cities, districts) participated in the medical community, and about 34% of the pilot TCM hospitals participated in the medical community as the lead hospital.

In order to improve the service capacity of traditional Chinese medicine and vigorously promote the implementation of the hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system, in the next step, my country will accelerate the construction of national traditional Chinese medicine centers, regional medical centers and traditional Chinese medicine inheritance and innovation centers, and implement grass-roots traditional Chinese medicine services. The “14th Five-Year” action plan for the capacity improvement project; to build an Internet hospital for traditional Chinese medicine, develop telemedicine and Internet diagnosis and treatment, build an online and offline integrated TCM medical service model covering pre-diagnosis, diagnosis and post-diagnosis, and promote the sinking of high-quality medical resources .