Xinhua News Agency visits hotels for stranded tourists in Sanya

“Hello, we will send you some fruit, wish you a happy life!” On the afternoon of the 7th, at a resort hotel in Sanya, volunteers pushed a luggage cart full of fruit, knocked on the doors of each room, and gave Delivery of fruit to stranded travelers staying at the hotel.

Recently, Sanya, Hainan, a popular tourist destination in China, broke out in the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Due to the peak summer tourism season, many tourists were stranded in Sanya. According to statistics, as of August 6, there were 58,900 overnight stays in operating hotels in Sanya, including 25,000 tourists stranded in Sanya hotels.

On August 7, volunteers served at the nucleic acid sampling site in Sanya International Sports Industrial Park. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhao Yingquan

Sun Jingjing’s family of three from Zhengzhou, Henan originally planned to return on the 6th, but due to the cancellation of the flight, they were arranged to stay at the Howard Johnson Guoguang Resort Sanya along with more than 1,300 other passengers. “No one wants such a thing to happen,” Sun Jingjing said, “but it’s safe to do so, and we have to abide by the local epidemic prevention policy, and hope to return home safely as soon as possible.”

On August 6, Sanya City has properly accommodated 3,273 passengers stranded at Sanya Phoenix Airport in 11 hotels and provided hotel accommodation services for 7 days.

“Tourists should be full of expectations for their trip to Sanya, and they are helpless in case of emergencies.” Zhu Ruoyu, general manager of Howard Johnson Guoguang Resort Sanya, said that in order to provide better services to stranded tourists as much as possible, the hotel is in While actively adjusting the taste of dishes and delivering fruits to guest rooms, we also tried our best to coordinate and solve problems such as the inconvenience of nucleic acid testing points reported by some guests and the fear of being infected. “On the morning of the 8th, our hotel temporarily added a nucleic acid testing point.” Zhu Ruoyu said, “We will also promptly reflect the needs of tourists such as the elderly, pregnant women, and children for medicines and milk powder.”

On August 7, volunteers delivered fruit to tourists at a hotel in Sanya. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Guo Cheng

In order to provide good reception services for tourists stranded in Sanya, the relevant local authorities require hotels not to drive up room prices, increase room prices in disguised form, or refuse tourists to continue their stay. Tourists should continue their stay based on the original hotel room price (that is, the room price that has been booked on the 5th). A half-price discount will be given on the website, and new visitors will be given a half-price discount based on the lowest price announced on Ctrip’s official website.

The Sanya Shanhaitian Hotel, located in Dadonghai, Sanya, Autograph Collection, offers not only 50% discount on room rates, but also 50% off hotel dining. Zhou Fengjiang, the hotel’s resident manager, said, “During the special period, our hotel actively responded to the government’s guidelines and provided customers with satisfactory service.”

According to the deployment requirements of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council, tourists can leave the island only after completing the seven-day risk investigation, that is, on the first, second, third, fifth, and seventh days of the seven-day negative nucleic acid test. At the same time, in order to do a good job in travel-related services, Sanya has set up a special class for order cancellation, and strives to do a good job in order cancellation due to force majeure factors such as the epidemic.

Song Xin, a tourist from Jinan, Shandong, checked in at a hotel in Sanya Bay. The hotel arranged a vehicle to pick up the guests for nucleic acid testing. “We have changed our air tickets several times. We hope that the nucleic acid test results will be normal in a few days and we can go home smoothly,” she said.

According to tourists’ complaints and reports of hotel price gouging and other clues, the Sanya Remediation Office has taken the lead in organizing relevant departments to deal with the suspected price gouging, sitting on the ground, raising the price on the platform and then charging at half price or charging at half price according to the retail price and other issues involving hotels Do an in-depth investigation.

Ye Kaizhong, deputy secretary-general of the Sanya Municipal Government, said that after verifying violations of laws and regulations, they will be dealt with quickly and severely in accordance with the law, and resolutely put an end to the chaos of violations of laws and regulations in the tourism market during the epidemic.

(Original title: Visiting hotel placement for stranded tourists in Sanya)

Source: Xinhua News Agency | Author Wang Junfeng Zhou Huimin

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