Xiaoqiang, who was running fast on the playground, suddenly collapsed. He went to the hospital to check the doctor and said: It’s too late

The sky is clear and a group of children are fighting for football on the playground. At this age, they are drenched in sweat.

Suddenly, Xiao Qiang, who was in the crowd, screamed and collapsed.

The surrounding students found in horror that Xiao Qiang’s legs had been twisted and deformed.

With a little experience, they realized that Xiaoqiang had a broken bone.

Xiao Ming, who just competed with Xiaoqiang for football, burst into tears in the face of this sudden situation.

The teacher who came to hear the news quickly organized classmates to send Xiaoqiang to the hospital.

Xiaoqiang’s parents also rushed to the hospital.

I heard the orthopaedic doctor say that my son was broken, and immediately asked the teacher why he didn’t take good care of the child. And also seek compensation from the parents of the students involved.

Seeing the situation intensified, the orthopaedic doctor pulled Xiaoqiang’s parents and said, “Actually, I can’t blame that classmate.

What? Don’t blame him who? Is it my fault? Before the doctor could finish explaining, Xiaoqiang’s parents shouted angrily.

Of course the teacher didn’t know how to persuade her, so she could only look at the doctor anxiously.

The orthopaedic doctor explained: I really don’t blame the classmate, he is sick himself. It’s no exaggeration to say that fractures can occur while walking.

Parents were shocked by the words coming out of the doctor’s mouth.

The doctor went on to explain: This is called a pathological fracture and is caused by a disease. Others, such as falls and bumps, are just a fuse. His disease was caused by the fact that the bone was destroyed by the tumor, which itself was not strong.

Tumor? The parents exclaimed and almost fainted.

Yes, it is unacceptable for anyone to encounter such a thing.

Finally, the parents slowed down. He asked nervously: What should I do then? what should I do?

The doctor says: Schedule surgery as soon as possible.

So, Xiaoqiang was admitted to the hospital.

After a series of examinations and consultations with many experts, it was finally determined that the limb could not be saved, and only amputation could be adopted to save life.

When they heard that the limb was going to be amputated, the parents went to the thunderbolt again, but in front of Xiaoqiang they could only pretend that everything was fine.

On the day of the operation, in order to avoid serious psychological trauma to Xiaoqiang, the anesthesiologist gave Xiaoqiang general anesthesia.

During the operation, everyone was very depressed. Especially when the thigh was taken off the operating table, even the mentally strong and well-informed nurse on the stage did not dare to move the severed leg.

No way, the anesthesiologist rushed up, put the severed leg into a bag, and sent it to the pathology center.

The surgery was over soon, and the anesthesia control was precise, and Xiaoqiang quickly regained consciousness. He opened his eyes and asked: Is my illness cured?

Hearing this, everyone could only comfort him that he was healed. If the legs are gone, it can only be revealed to him slowly.

【Knowledge point】Pathological fracture refers to the normal structure and strength of the bone, which can occur with little or no external force when it is damaged by invasive disease or destructive lesions .

There are many causes of pathological fractures, the common ones are as follows: metastatic bone tumors, which cause pathological fractures due to damage to the bone; infectious bone diseases, such as osteomyelitis, bone marrow Inflammation has caused damage to the bone and is prone to pathological fractures; in addition, there are benign bone tumors, such as bone cysts and other osteitis deformities;There are also metabolic bone diseases, such as osteoporosis, which are prone to pathological fractures.

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