@Xianren Our family’s overdue “service” gas meter is about to be replaced, free of charge

How many years has your gas meter been “in service”? If you’re 10 or older, it’s time to change. On April 19, the reporter learned from Xi’an Chengtou Qinhua Gas Group that a replacement operation has been launched for gas meters that have been in service for more than ten years. This year, it plans to replace 400,000 IoT meters free of charge for citizens. As of the first quarter, seven meters have been completed. Replacement of the 10,000-block meter.

In life, many citizens have such questions: Why must the gas meter be replaced? Haven’t the electric meters in our house been changed all the time? According to Qinhua Gas staff, as an indispensable living facility for citizens, the medium (natural gas) that gas meters pass through is inflammable and explosive. According to national regulations, the service life of gas meters is generally not more than 10 years. After the gas meter has been used for a certain period of time, the film and sealing ring have aged, and there may be a risk of gas leakage, and the failure rate is high, the measurement is inaccurate, and there are certain safety hazards. Therefore, it is very necessary to replace the gas meter that is out of service.

The reporter learned that in order to Hua Gas has formulated a detailed annual IoT meter replacement and installation plan; established and improved a complete life cycle management system for meters. In order to improve the efficiency of meter replacement, Qinhua Gas announces the city’s meter replacement plan to the public on its WeChat public account every week, and posts the “Meter Change Notice” at a prominent position in the planned meter replacement community 2-3 days in advance to remind citizens to keep people at home .

“Home replacement is not only a replacement of the gas meter, we When the service is still in the house, a comprehensive safety inspection is carried out for the gas stoves and equipment in the citizens’ homes, so that one household is replaced, one household is checked, and one household is safe, so as to escort the safety of citizens’ gas use.” Relevant staff said. , In order to accurately serve the citizens, Qinhua Gas has set up a temporary business hall at the meter exchange area to provide services such as card making and gas sales. Citizens can go through the new card procedures at their doorsteps after changing their meters.

It is worth mentioning that the citizens who replaced the IoT table this time , whether it is online or offline recharge, the gas can be used normally without loading; when the balance of the gas meter is insufficient, the system will automatically send a message to the mobile phone, and citizens can check the gas consumption record through the mobile phone. In terms of safety, the IoT meter has intelligent management functions such as online monitoring, remote control, safety precaution, and gas consumption forecasting, which improves the timeliness of monitoring of hidden dangers in gas consumption; citizens automatically close the valve when they do not use gas for many days. , to avoid gas leakage. The promotion and application of smart IoT meters provide more long-term power for gas services, allowing citizens to experience the convenience brought by smart life under the blessing of new technologies.

Text/Photo: Guo Peiran, Omnimedia Reporter of Xi’an Press