Wrong sleeping position, the body suffers! Interpretation of 2 “best sleeping positions” in one article, there is always one that suits you

What sleeping position do you like to sleep in?

Some people may need to hold certain positions to fall asleep, and these positions may be “various”, which may be these, see if you have them?

“quilt”:A very secure sleeping position, using Sleeping with the quilt between the legs and the quilt in the hands;

“doll style”: either with a throw pillow, or When holding a doll, you always have to hold something to sleep, otherwise you will not feel safe;

“Flying Pose”: The point is that one leg is curled and must be raised, and the other leg is straight and must be as straight as possible;

“Ballet”: Lie on your back with one leg folded, one hand raised overhead, one hand Extend to one side.

“Serene pose”: Also known as “Snow White in Coffin” and “Sleeping Posture”, with a face Relax and lie on your back with your hands on your stomach and face up.

In addition to the sleeping position, there seems to be a saying that “sleep facing”, that is, when sleeping, you can’t “feet facing west” “Facing east”, but “head north and feet south” is best. Is this statement really important?

1. Which direction is better to sleep in?

The saying “head north and feet south” comes from the earth’s magnetic field. Magnetic fields can easily cause insomnia.” It seems reasonable, is it true?

First, let’s take a look at the Earth’s magnetic field.

The north and south magnetic poles of the earth are not exactly north and south, but have a certain inclination angle. And the direction of Earth’s magnetic field lines at the same point varies throughout the year. Obviously, it is impossible for the house to change direction at any time, and no one adjusts the direction of the bed every day.

Some scholars believe that it is best to sleep along the direction of the magnetic field, but if the direction is inconsistent, it may be affected by the magnetic field, but this effect is very small, and the individual may not be aware of it .

However, since there is no direct correlation between geomagnetism and sleep, cannot give a clear conclusion, and it is difficult to define the relationship between orientation and sleep .

So, compared to the so-called “sleep orientation”, finding the right sleeping position for you is the key to improving sleep quality.

Second, the body suffers from the wrong sleeping posture! Which posture is the healthiest?

What are the possible consequences of sleeping in the wrong position? The news once reported that an 18-year-old girl fell asleep in a single direction for a long time, which eventually led to scoliosis of her lumbar spine and spine.

The impact of sleeping positions on the body is subtle. Common sleeping positions are side, supine and prone. Which position is the healthiest?

1, side sleeper

  • left side sleeper span>

The advantage of lying on the left side is that it helps to breathe comfortably, but it is easy to oppress one side of the face, which is easy to cause facial asymmetry.

Suitable for: hyperacidity, acid reflux, heartburn, and late pregnancy.

  • right sleeping

The benefit is to stabilize the heartbeat and protect the brain.is the most recommended sleeping position . Likewise, prolonged right-side recumbency can easily lead to facial force claims.

It is suitable for most people, especially those with heart disease, gastritis and poor digestive function.

It should be noted that whether you are lying on your left or right side, sleep with your legs slightly bent, with your legs slightly bent. Place a pillow between your knees to help reduce the pressure on your spine from pelvic twisting.

2. Lying on your back

Sleeping on your back can help relieve low back pain and internal organs Organs and chest compression, but the base of the tongue may press against the pharynx due to gravity, causing snoring. It is suitable for people with cerebral thrombosis, poor joints, and lumbar disc herniation.

Sleep on your back with your arms by your sides,It is best to place a thin pillow under your knees for more back support.

prone is the least recommended sleeping position< /strong>, when the human body sleeps on its stomach, it is easy to compress the chest, increase the pressure on the joints, and affect breathing.

In addition to lying on your stomach, curl upsleeping position, cover your head under the quilt, and sleep with your hands on your back Sleeping positions such as will compress a certain organ or nerve in the body and affect the quality of sleep.

Third, how to sleep more soundly? Send you a “sleep aid strategy”

Sleep quality is not only related to sleeping position, but also affected by sleep time, environment, temperature, etc. What should I do if I want to get a good night’s sleep?

1. Guaranteed to sleep 6 hours a day

Survey data shows that sleep less than 6 hours a day Within hours, physical symptoms worsened rapidly, negative emotions increased by 22%, proof emotions decreased by 4%, physical symptoms increased by 14%, and severity increased by 6%.

2. Create a comfortable sleeping environment

The influence of the environment on sleep is subtle. It is recommended to create a good sleep environment before going to bed.

For example, turn off the lights, close the curtains, and turn off electronic devices to ensure quietness; room temperature of 20° is the most comfortable sleeping temperature; pillow height, softness and hardness are appropriate, and quilt thickness is appropriate.

3. Protect the natural “melatonin”

Melatonin is secreted by the brain A hormone that controls the human sleep rhythm and can effectively prolong the quality of sleep. But with age, melatonin secretion also decreased significantly.

Therefore, it is recommended that for people who have a significant decrease in melatonin, can take medicine or eat natural food supplements, such as walnuts, sesame seeds, oats, etc., can promote the secretion of melatonin in the human body.

4. Treatment of chronic diseases

Some diseases, such as urinary system and respiratory system diseases It will affect the quality of sleep.Patients should treat the underlying disease as soon as possible to help restore sleep and change the vicious circle.

Human sleeping positions are all kinds of strange, which position do you usually sleep in? Sleeping position has a greater impact on the body than you think. If you feel that you have difficulty breathing, body numbness, head and neck pain, and back pain when you sleep, you should correct your sleeping position as soon as possible.


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