Work hard to continuously improve the level of rational drug use

On July 30, the 3rd National Experience Exchange Conference of “Rational Drug Use China Action” was held in Xiamen, Fujian Province. Managers from health administrative departments from all over the country, pharmacy managers and pharmacy service professionals in medical institutions, experts and scholars in the fields of pharmacoeconomics, health economics, medical security and other fields gathered together to share advanced experience in rational drug use and discuss together Countermeasures and suggestions to promote the improvement of the level of rational drug use in the future.

The conference invites the relevant person in charge of the Medical Administration and Hospital Administration of the National Health Commission to give an authoritative interpretation of the policies related to rational drug use. At the same time, the conference has set up 13 sub-venues, focusing on different themes of rational drug use such as pharmaceutical management, pharmaceutical services, drug security, and specialized drug use, and invites experts in related fields to conduct in-depth discussions, aiming to accelerate the high-quality development of rational drug use.

Text: Yang Jinwei Yelongjie

Editor: Zhu Yongji

Review: Han Lu

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