Women’s Gospel! Over 26 years old can also make an appointment for the nine-valent vaccine!

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Hello friends, this is Ah Jing, today I want to share with you an exciting good news, I believe the little clever ghosts who follow the hot search already know, that is # HPV nine-valent vaccine is extended to 9-45 years old# it!

This news is a great boon, which means that the 9-valent vaccine will benefit more women. I believe that many girls who have missed the 9-valent due to “overage” at the moment must be full of passion in their hearts. , I can’t wait to beat gongs and drums and run around to tell each other.

But happy and happy, I believe that at this moment you still have a lot of questions about this topic and want to consult. Just taking this opportunity, I will collect and organize a wave of HPV vaccines that everyone cares about most. Questions, please ask the doctor to answer them one by one.

Next, let’s learn new knowledge together~

Why is the age of Nine Price extended? Is it as effective as the original vaccine? When will it be implemented?

There are currently three common HPV vaccines. The bivalent vaccine has a protective effect on the infection of subtypes 16 and 18, and the quadrivalent vaccine prevents the four subtypes of 6, 11, 16, and 18. Infection, the nine-valent vaccine covers the two common low-risk subtypes 6, 11 and seven high-risk subtypes 16, 18, 31, 33, 45, 52 and 58.

Before this, the population requirement for the nine-valent HPV vaccine has been limited to 16 to 26 years old, mainly because the clinical trial subjects of the nine-valent HPV vaccine before its launch in my country The age range of 16~26 years old, There is insufficient research data on the effect of vaccination in people over 26 years old, for the sake of safety, there is such a vaccination age limit, so if you are overage, you want to get nine-price vaccination Girls can only choose overseas channels for vaccination.

But the situation is different now. The research data on the vaccination effect of people over 26 years old has been supplemented, so the age can be expanded, but the vaccine has not changed much compared with before. The effect is The same, you don’t have to join in the fun if you’ve played.

According to the news released by Merck, the new indication of the nine-valent HPV vaccine has been approved by the State Food and Drug Administration, but according to past experience, it may take a few weeks to wait until the actual implementation, everyone slowly Just be patient.

How long is the nine-valent HPV vaccine protected?

Is it necessary to re-vaccine after vaccination?

The HPV vaccine has not been on the market for a long time. At present, studies have confirmed that the protective antibody titers induced by HPV vaccination can still be detected 12 years later. At the same time, some experts have established mathematical Model estimates, valid for up to 50 years. However, the listing time of Nine Price is the shortest, and the follow-up time is also the shortest. Therefore, there is currently no exact data on the validity period of Nine Price.

In the final analysis, although the HPV vaccine can effectively prevent the occurrence of cervical cancer, vaccination is only an effective and economical means to prevent cervical cancer and HPV infection. Therefore, it is not possible to “set it once and for all”. Regular cervical TCT and HPV screening are still required.

A second or fourth price has been played

Can I replant at nine prices?

If the economy allows, you can replant, The best time for replanting should be more than one year apart.

The difference between bivalent, quadrivalent, and nine-valent has been mentioned above. Relatively speaking, nine-valent can protect against more HPV subtypes, and the protection is more comprehensive, so it is recommended. Active women can pay nine prices if they can.

Because of age or financial constraints, many girls may have to reluctantly give up nine prices and choose two or four prices.Now that age is no longer a problem after the nine-valent age expansion, everyone has had the bivalent or quadrivalent. If you want to replant the nine-valent, you don’t have to worry about it. You can wait for two years to wait until the vaccine is sufficient or the price is reduced. .

But no matter what, the ones that can be hit are good seedlings. Hits are better than no hits. If the economy is under pressure or the requirements are not high, the most basic protection of two-price and four-price is actually enough.

Does the interval between vaccines affect the effectiveness?

Revaccination required?

There is currently no research to prove that the long interval between vaccines will affect the effect of vaccination.

Although the instructions clearly state that “all 3 shots should be administered within one year”, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has also made it clear that –There is currently no research to show that HPV The interval between shots of the vaccine is limited by time.

So, if the original HPV vaccination plan is delayed due to the epidemic, you can continue to vaccinate the remaining injections when conditions permit. Even if there is a long interval, Re-vaccination required.

And the effect of HPV vaccination is the best, so no matter how long the interval is, it is the best choice to fill up 3 doses.

Before getting vaccinated, check with the clinic where you have been vaccinated. Don’t stop taking the HPV vaccine because you are afraid of making a mistake or trouble. One injection of HPV vaccine has the effect of one injection. The best effect is achieved after three injections.

Have sex

Are vaccinations still preventative?

Although the HPV vaccine is most effective before the start of sex, it is also recommended to be vaccinated during sex, because if you are lucky enough not to be infected, vaccination can effectively prevent infection. If you are infected or are being infected, you will have to fight for two reasons:

First, although the infection rate of HPV virus in the population may be as high as 80% to 90%, it is often not infected with multiple subtypes at one time. Therefore, You can get vaccinated even if you have been infected to prevent other types of viruses;

Second, for the HPV virus that is being infected, vaccination will definitely not have an antiviral effect, but after the HPV virus in our body turns negative, vaccination again, for those who have been infected HPV virus can also play a certain preventive role.

I got vaccinated and still got infected

Can I still kiss or have condom?

Human papillomavirus has more than 200 different subtypes that infect the epithelial tissue of the skin and mucous membranes. Although the HPV vaccine can effectively prevent the occurrence of cervical cancer, it is still unable to prevent all virus subtypes, and vaccination is not “once and for all”, so regular cervical TCT and HPV screening are still required.

Kissing or normal handshake will not be infected with HPV. HPV infection (high or low risk) in the genital tract such as the vulva, yin tract, cervix, etc., is transmitted between partners through direct sexual contact Infectious, generally not transmitted through blood or other means of respiratory tract.

You can have sex even if you are infected with HPV, but you must use condoms consistently and correctly in order to play a preventive role.

The main route of transmission for genital and cervical HPV infection is genital-genital contact or anogenital contact, most commonly sexual activity, and the use of condoms is an effective way to prevent Sexually transmitted diseases are very effective.

The use of condoms can reduce the risk of HPV infection, and also help to clear the virus after infection, and help the regression of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia in women and genital lesions in men. Do a good job of joint screening of HPV and TCT.

Can I get HPV vaccine during pregnancy/pregnancy/breastfeeding?

Will it affect my fetus when I find out I’m pregnant after vaccination?

There is currently no direct evidence that HPV vaccination during pregnancy causes abnormal fetal growth and development. But after all, the experimental data is limited, and it is not recommended for you to take risks. However, if you find out that you are pregnant soon after receiving the HPV vaccine, there is no need to worry too much, stop the vaccination and proceed with real estate inspections step by step.

In addition, regarding the question of whether it can be vaccinated during breastfeeding, from the perspective of breastfeeding, many drugs may affect the fetus through milk secretion, and there is no clear upper limit for the HPV vaccine vaccination interval. Therefore the HPV vaccine is not recommended for breastfeeding mothers.

Can boys be vaccinated against hpv? How much is it suitable for?

Yes, and it is recommended. From the perspective of men’s own health, HPV infection may cause condyloma acuminatum, yin stem cancer, gui head cancer and other diseases in men. HPV vaccination can effectively prevent the occurrence of such diseases.

From the perspective of female reproductive health, men, as HPV virus carriers, can effectively prevent men from contracting HPV virus after being vaccinated with HPV vaccine, thereby reducing the sexual transmission of HPV virus. to good protection.

However, it has not been approved for male vaccination in China. Male friends who want to get vaccinated may only make an appointment to overseas channels. They can be vaccinated at the price of 249. If you want more comprehensive protection, it is still better. Nine price is recommended.

Can the HPV virus be cleared with medication?

No. There is currently no drug that can effectively treat HPV infection.

Infection with HPV virus is usually asymptomatic, and many people would not even find themselves infected if they hadn’t checked this item during their physical examination.

70%~80% of infected people will turn negative within 1~2 years after infection. This also means that many people may have been infected with HPV, but their own immune system has cleared it.

If you want to turn negative, you still have to rely on your own efforts: good living habits, moderate exercise to improve immunity, in addition, in the case of unclear infection on both sides, it is recommended to regulate sexual life Use condoms.

Lifetime no sex

Can I skip the vaccination?

HPV vaccine is a non-compulsory vaccination. Whether or not it is vaccinated mainly depends on personal needs. However, out of a responsible attitude towards personal health, whether there is sex or not, it is recommended that everyone have certain conditions. To be vaccinated, bivalent and quadrivalent are very cost-effective, and at the same time can effectively protect against cervical cancer.

And HPV is a virus that is very easy to infect human epidermis and mucous membranes. The main route of transmission is sexual life, but in addition to sexual behavior, it can also be infected through direct contact (although direct contact The infection conditions are more severe, but it still has a probability), such as hands touching items contaminated with HPV virus, or body contact with HPV virus-contaminated bath towels, underwear, etc.

So if economic conditions permit, it is more secure to play.

Okay, that’s it for today’s popular science content. If you have any questions about the HPV vaccine, you can move to the message area to discuss it~

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