Women often feel uncomfortable in the waist, or are related to these 3 reasons. After understanding, symptomatic treatment is required.

Low back pain is a common pain, mainly unilateral or bilateral pain in the waist. In severe cases, the pain can radiate to the legs. The main symptoms are radiating pain, local swelling and pain etc.

Radiation pain mostly occurs in lumbosacral region, shoulder back and other parts; swelling and pain is not limited to the waist, it can also develop into >Diffuse swelling, which may also cause spasmodic pain in surrounding muscle tissue when touched.

There are many reasons for waist discomfort, and it is necessary to treat the symptoms accordingly. So what are the reasons why women often have waist discomfort?

1. Kidney deficiency

Kidney deficiency is divided into Kidney-Yang deficiency and Kidney-Yin deficiency. When women have kidney yang deficiency, there may be waist and knee pain and limb weakness.

Low back pain caused by kidney yang deficiency is mostly dull pain or distended pain, especially when the body is overworked.

Secondly, if a woman suffers from certain gynecological diseases, it will also cause backache and low back pain, and those with severe symptoms may not be able to straighten her back for a long time, such as cervicitis, >Pelvic inflammatory disease etc; strong>Women with a history of multiple miscarriages are more likely to experience lower back discomfort.

2, lumbar muscle strain

Psoas muscle strain refers to chronic injury and inflammation of the lumbar muscle and its attachment point fascia or periosteum, which is one of the common causes of low back pain.

It is mainly manifested as recurrent pain in the lumbar or lumbosacral region. This pain can vary with climate change or level of fatigue. If not treated in time, it can develop into chronic low back pain.

3. Osteoporosis

Low back pain is one of the typical symptoms of osteoporosis. Mild osteoporosis does not cause significant lower back discomfort. With the development of the disease, there will be lumbar spine pain, and if not treated, it can also cause bone pain in the whole body.

What should a woman do if her waist is often uncomfortable?

1. Pay attention to keeping the waist and abdomen warm

Doing a good job of keeping the waist and abdomen warm can effectively prevent cold and evil qi from entering the body and reduce the risk of Injuries to the waist, so it is best for female friends not to show the waist and abdomen for the sake of looking good.

Especially during the physiological period. If the waist and abdomen are cold during the physiological period, it is not only prone to waist discomfort, but also can cause or aggravate the symptoms of uterine cold.

2. Avoid walking in high heels

Walking in high heels for a long time can cause the body’s center of gravity to become higher. In order to stabilize the body’s center of gravity, the muscle tension in the lower back will be readjusted to a new balance.

At the same time, the pelvis will also be tilted forward, which will increase the burden of waist support, resulting in soreness. Therefore, it is best to avoid walking in high heels in life.

3. Avoid holding one position for a long time

< p>Maintaining postures such as sitting or bending over for a long time may induce lumbar back muscle fatigue, lumbar disc herniation and other diseases.

Therefore, no matter how busy you are, you should do appropriate exercise, which can effectively relieve the fatigue of the psoas muscle.

If the symptoms are severe, physical therapy methods such as acupuncture, tuina massage, microwave radio frequency can be used for conditioning, if necessary Drug treatment is also available.

There are many reasons for waist discomfort, such as the points mentioned in the article. But no matter what the cause, it should be timely conditioning and treatment,To avoid the development of chronic diseases, such as lumbar disc herniation.

It should be noted that if the symptoms of low back pain are frequent, it is recommended to go to the hospital in time to find out the cause and carry out corresponding treatment.

In addition, you should also pay attention to a light diet in life, especially during the period of low back pain, so as not to stimulate inflammation.