Woke up from a nap with a paralyzed hand! How dangerous is sleeping on the table?

There is a saying that goes well: If you don’t sleep at noon, you will collapse in the afternoon.

Especially for the mentally exhausted workers, if you don’t take a nap at noon, you can experience the feeling of being lost in the afternoon.

Speaking of naps, Xiaohua often sees Xiaoliang next door getting up with a red mark on her face, and sometimes she can see crystal clear liquid remaining at the corners of her mouth, so she asks him:

“Aren’t you uncomfortable sleeping on your stomach?”

“It’s okay, it’s mainly convenient, the lunch break is only a few dozen minutes, and it’s too troublesome to get a folding bed like you.”

Speak as you speak, but still step on it? ? ? This time it’s no longer a battle.

Is it OK to take a nap on the table?

Not OK!

Lying on the table with your arms on your back is the standard nap position for many people. After all, conditions are limited, and this position is the easiest. But in fact, taking a nap in this position for a long time is still quite harmful to the body.

First is the arm. The arm robs the pillow, not only to bear the weight of the head, but also to bear the blocked blood circulation and nerve conduction under the heavy pressure. The intuitive performance is hand numb. Prolonged resting on the arm may also cause local nerve damage.

(Photo source Weibo)

It’s the face that “wounds” along with the arm. According to Newton’s third law, the action of force is mutual. As the face is the contact surface between the head and the arm, it is a trivial matter to press out the red mark, and sometimes it will be numb like the arm.

If you often sleep on your stomach, your face will be squeezed by external forces. Over time, it may cause problems such as sleep wrinkles and weakened skin elasticity. A lot of skin care products can’t save it.

Next is the cervical spine. Sleeping on the stomach will put the cervical spine in a forward flexion position, which violates the normal physiological curvature of the cervical spine, and is likely to cause a series of cervical spine problems such as physiological curvature straightening.

(Photo source veer)

And in this position, the muscles behind the cervical spine are stretched and tense, and when you sleep, muscles are prone to excessive fatigue and strain. If you frequently feel sore neck muscles, it may be a sign of strain.

And eyes. Sleeping on the stomach can easily compress the blood vessels in the eye, resulting in transient blurred vision due to increased intraocular pressure. Although it will be fine after a while, if this pressure is continued for a long time, it will not only affect vision, but may also induce diseases such as glaucoma.

In addition to the problems mentioned above, naps on your stomach can also cause chest, leg, stomach discomfort. If you have the conditions, it is recommended to give up this sleeping position.

Nap for social animals

Lie down to sleep

Lying on the work couch or getting a rollaway bed is the ideal nap position. It’s a bit of a hassle, but it’s comfortable and refreshing.

Sleep while sitting

Sit in an office chair with a backrest, place a U-shaped pillow or throw pillow behind your neck, andWith an eye mask, it is also very comfortable~

Sleeping with a pillow on your stomach

If you have to lie on your stomach to fall asleep, a soft pillow is recommended to at least free your hands.

Sure, no nap is okay. Some people are so talented that they can sleep for 6 or 7 hours at night and stay on standby all day.

What should I pay attention to when taking a nap?

Limit nap time to 30 minutes

Many people believe that longer naps are better, but the opposite is true!

Our sleep is divided into non-REM period and REM period, of which non-REM period is further divided into 4 periods (S1, S2, S3 , S4).

(Source reference 1)

S1 and S2 are light sleep periods, easy to wake up, wake up refreshed;

S3 and S4 are deep sleep periods. If you wake up during this period, you will feel dizzy and not very clear. This is why some people feel that they are more sleepy the more they sleep.

So we need to control the time for naps in the light sleep period, usually around 20 minutes, and if the time is too long, it will enter the deep sleep period.

In addition, studies have shown that longer nap time (>30/60 min), the risk of heartvascular disease Higher risk.

Don’t sleep right after lunch

Drowsy after eating, this phenomenon is not limited to Xiaohua, right?

This is actually a normal physiological phenomenon. After eating, the human body needs to turn on the digestive function, most of the blood goes to the stomach and intestines, and the blood in the brain is relatively small, which is easy to cause drowsiness.

If you go to sleep after eating, your brain will feel comfortable, but your digestive system may be about to protest, indigestion, food reflux, etc. It is recommended to get up and walk or stand for a while after eating, and take a nap about 20 minutes after a meal.

What position do you take your nap in? Is there anyone in the office snoring and typing on the keyboard? Comment in the comment areaLet me know~


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