Without colonoscopy, what do you think gastroenteritis may be cancer?

“dog days” are periods of high incidence of acute gastroenteritis, usually caused by Microbial infection caused by acute inflammation of the gastrointestinal mucosa. According to the survey, the incidence of acute gastroenteritis in my country is as high as 0.56 times/person-year, in other words, the annual number of acute gastroenteritis patients reaches 748 million /strong>. Professor Xu Le, chief physician of the Gastroenterology Department of Beijing Hospital and member of the Chinese Medical Association Gastroenterology Societyexplained that if it is an acute Gastritis, mainly the symptoms of the upper gastrointestinal tract, manifested as upper abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, etc.; if the inflammation accumulates in the intestine, acute gastroenteritis will occur, the body temperature will rise, and in severe cases, dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, and even Acute renal failure.


acute gastroenteritis span>HandlingMistakes< /span>Professor Xu Le emphasized that there are two serious misunderstandings about the treatment of acute gastroenteritis:02

Medications for different types of gastroenteritis strong>

  • caused by bacterial infection For acute gastroenteritis, broad-spectrum antibiotics such as quinolones can resolve the problem in most patients, but for severe acute gastroenteritis, cephalosporins may be required. Severe nausea and vomiting requires timely use of antiemetic drugs as prescribed by a doctor to prevent strong vomiting from causing aspiration, which may lead to aspiration pneumonia. Antiemetics also have a prokinetic effect, so they may aggravate diarrhea, which should be analyzed in detail.

  • For acute gastroenteritis caused by viral infection or bacterial exotoxin, adsorption drugs such as montmorillonite powder can play a role in adsorbing toxins. Montmorillonite powder is a mineral, which is not absorbed by the human body and is very safe.< /span>



colonoscopyIndications and population acceptance< span>Enteroscopy can realize early diagnosis of disease and better prognosis for patients.< /span>Combining years of clinical experience, Professor Xu Le believes that if it is just acute gastroenteritis, there is no need for colonoscopy at all However, behind the symptoms of some acute gastroenteritis are actually the external manifestations of serious diseases such as ulcerative colitis and colon cancer. In this case, if colonoscopy is not performed, it will be difficult to identify the cause and prescribe the right medicine, which will lead to a more irreversible situation. In summary, once the symptoms of acute gastroenteritis appear, it is extremely important to understand the cause of the disease through colonoscopy. A large number of studies have confirmed that,in patients with colon cancer, Compared with patients without colonoscopy, patients who had colonoscopy had an overall 61% lower risk of death, especially in the more palpable left half of the colonoscopy Colon cancer patients, the risk of death dropped by a full 72%! For this purpose, the Chinese Medical Association Digestive Endoscopy Association has formulated relevant guidelines . Guidelines state that ageover45 span>Crowd, recommendedregular strong>Do colonoscopy,use this as early screening for colon cancer ;family historypopulation, age After 40regularly< /span>colonoscopy;appears unexplained fecal occult blood positive,unexplained weight loss , abdominal pain andmass palpable in abdomen ,Prompt colonoscopy is required. A few days ago, the general public’s medical knowledge has generally improved, and popular science propaganda has gradually increased. The popularization of large and painless colonoscopy has greatly improved the public’s acceptance of colonoscopy. However, in the vast rural areas and remote mountainous areas, the accessibility of colonoscopy is very poor, and it is very difficult for patients to do colonoscopy. “Healthy China 2030” Planning Outline put forward that “the early diagnosis rate of key cancer types in high-incidence areas should reach 55% and above and continue to increase”, the task is arduous and challenging . The goal of an early diagnosis rate of 55% can only be achieved if large-scale screening of high-risk groups can be carried out in the community. I believe that the country believes in medicine.

Xu LeChief Physician of Gastroenterology Department of Beijing HospitalMember of Gastroenterology Society of Chinese Medical AssociationVice of Beijing Digestive Branch of Chinese Medical Association ChairmanMember of the Standing Committee of Beijing Digestive Endoscopy Branch of Chinese Medical AssociationDeputy Head of Geriatric Digestion Collaborative Group of Chinese Medical Association Digestive SocietyDigestive Endoscopy of Chinese Medical Association Deputy Head of the Geriatric Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Collaborative Group of the SocietyDeputy Head of the Geriatric Digestive Diseases Group of the Chinese Medical Association Gerontology SocietyChinese Journal of Digestive Medicine and other core journal editorial members< span>Source: Medical Forum NetworkAuthor: Han XueqingReviewer: catherine

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