Will the residual chlorine gas cause cancer in water boiled with an electric kettle? 3 tips for boiling water, it is recommended to listen

Drinking water is something you should do every day, but what kind of water you drink actually varies from country to country. Drink cold water or even ice water, but East Asian countries, including my country, usually prefer to drink boiled hot water. From the early stoves, coal stoves, to the current electric kettles, the way of boiling water is constantly changing with the development of society.

But along with it, there are also doubts about the electric kettle boiling water. Many people think that the electric kettle is equipped with an induction device. , every time the water is just boiled, the power will be cut off, and because the boiling time is too short, there may be the risk of chlorine residue and even cancer! Can you believe this statement?

Is it true that boiling water with an electric kettle will cause chlorine residue and even cause cancer?

< span>In daily life,the reason why chlorine gas is added to tap water is to further disinfect the drinking water, Destroys the original microorganisms completely. And according to the country’s Drinking Water Standards, the tap water produced by the waterworks, as long as chlorine Content below 4mg/L is within the allowable range.

Therefore, it is very normal for tap water to contain chlorine, but the content is strictly limited< strong>, even if it is boiled into drinking water, it is far from the standard of cancer.

As for the water boiled with an electric kettle, because the boiling time is relatively short, residual chlorine may indeed appear. However, according to the experimental data of Quanzhou Monitoring Station in Fujian Province, in the water just boiled by the electric kettle, the residual chlorine test result is only 0.1mg/L. It will not have any impact on health, and it will not cause cancer. Please drink it with confidence.

Of course, some friends may be more sensitive to the taste of water and still can’t accept the water boiled by an electric kettle, so they can

span>Selectively install a water purifier at home, or buy a special dechlorination electric kettle, can effectively remove chlorine in the water and reconcile the taste of the water .

Although the water boiled by an ordinary electric kettle will not affect health, let alone cause cancer, there are still ways to boil water. Certainly, if you are interested in health preservation, you may wish to learn and try it in your daily life.

3 tips for boiling water that may help you drink healthier

First, don’t drink the “first pot of water in the morning”:

Normal For example, many families are used to boiling a pot of water after getting up in the morning for breakfast and washing. However, after a night of precipitation, the residual water in the tap water pipe may form a relatively large concentration of chlorine gas, bacteria, heavy metal accumulation, etc., It is obviously not suitable to boil this water for drinking.

Therefore, try not to drink the first pot of water you take from the faucet after getting up in the morning, it can be used for cleaning or flushing. For other purposes such as toilets, it is more appropriate to use the remaining water to boil and drink after the residual water in the water pipe is drained.

Second point:Add a pinch of salt to the boil

The chlorine gas will evaporate with the temperature. In other words, if the time to boil the water is appropriately prolonged, the chlorine gas can also volatilize more effectively.

So, if appropriate,put a small amount in the water before boiling it The salt can properly increase the boiling point of water, and the time and temperature of boiling water will also be extended , has a certain degree of chlorine removal effect.

The third point:Boil some baking soda in advance to remove limescale

boil water In the process of cleaning, the scale is also annoyed by many friends. After the kettle has been used for a long time, the scale will accumulate a thick layer on the wall of the kettle, and sometimes it will remain in the drinking water.

Therefore, if you want to drink more cleanly and comfortably, and regularly clean up limescale, there are also corresponding methods and tips, such as boiling water regularly. Before, boil some baking soda water properly, alkaline ingredients can neutralize the calcium carbonate in the scale and become easy to remove, this Time to properly rinse the kettle, you can have a good cleaning effect.

In summary, there are many healthy ways to boil water. I highly recommend you try it in your daily life, but in the same way, drink water There is also a way to maximize the value of hydration only by drinking healthy.

Drinking water also has a way, how to drink hydrating effect well?

① Develop a regular drinking habit. The transmission of neurons in the brain is delayed, so when we drink water when we feel thirsty, the body is often dehydrated, and the effect of hydration will also be affected at this time . Therefore, it is recommended that everyone develop a regular drinking habit, such as drink a glass of water every morning, half an hour after meals, before going to bed, etc., let the body develop the “biological clock” of water circulation, and the hydration effect will be better.

②Sip as much as possible. Drinking a lot of water, although it seems to be very thirst-quenching and very enjoyable, but the human body absorbs water at a certain rate. If you drink too much water in a short period of time, it will not be absorbed by the body. , and eventually more will be excreted in the urine.

Therefore, even if you are thirsty again, drinking as little water as possible will have a better absorption and nourishing effect on the body, but it will be more thirst-quenching. of. Not only that, drinking water in small sips also looks more gentle, which can reduce the risk of choking, which is beneficial and harmless.

The last point to mention is the amount of water you drink per day. Although drinking less water is not good for the body, drinking too much water will also burden the kidneys. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone drink an appropriate amount of water every day. According to the “Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents”, Adults should drink between 2000 and 2500ml of water per day.. Whether it is boiling water or drinking water, although it is ordinary, it is also very particular. Only by walking on the road of health can you lay a solid foundation for your body.


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